Tenrou Team Returns – Fairy Tail 123

This is going to be the first of many Fairy Tail episode round ups! We started with yesterdays manga, now it’s for the anime’s turn. After a long Sever year wait, the Tenrou Team, consisting of Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Gajeel, Gray and other powerful mage users return from the long wait. Fairy Tail’s stature has decreased dramatically from being the top to actually being one of the weakest guilds in Fiore.

We start the episode in year X791,  as Romeo Conbolt stares at the sea to find some kind of hope to bring the Tenrou Team back. The city of Magnolia has changed quite a lot as to new buildings. However in the outskirts of the city lies a small guild, Fairy Tail. Was once very powerful but now very weak and just nearly hanging on to the hope they have.

We return to the guild as most of the members have clearly changed in their looks. Every time they mention something about the great members from before, they seem to get down as they really miss them.

A group of members from the guild Twilight Ogre arrive to collect the monthly money for the property they call Fairy Tail. Teebo, a member asks for the money while the Forth Master, Macao is unable to pay the money since they don’t get enough jobs to pay them back.

Teebo gets mad and starts to destroy everything as Macao says that he wants to give the money in next month. Pictures of the old members which was drawn fall out and they all remember all the good times which they had. It is as thought the Fairy Tail is at it’s brink.

From nowhere members of the Blue Pegasus guild arrive in their Christina Version 2 Ship. We see Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, Hibiki, Ren and Eve arrive. They explain that Tenrou Island has not been destroyed but merely hidden from sight.

The members of Fairy Tail go out to the sea, they spot a child like person walking on water. After some moments, They see a large sphere shaped object came out from no where. They spot that inside the sphere is Tenrou Island. The sphere disappears as Tenrou Island sits on top of the water. They get closer and park on the island.

Jet spots Natsu lying down. We return to Fairy Tail guild where Teebo is back, he is there to collect the money as their master didn’t accept them to collect the money late. As Teebo goes to hit Romeo, Natsu appears and kicks him from behind sending him flying.

They then spot that the Tenrou Team is back, they explain that they had been locked up in the Fairy Sphere for 7 years by Mavis Vermilion. Natsu spots that Romeo is more then excited to see Natsu back since he had been gone for seven long years. At this point, Romeo smiles for the first time in a long time! The Episode ends here.

What an incredible episode, after the 7 years anything can happen! I presume as they have just become the weakest guild, they’d want to be the most powerful guild in Fiore. We’ll have to wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 124 episode to see what happens!

What do you think?

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