Fairy Tail Keeps Moving Forward – Fairy Tail 276

Fairy Tail 276 is the first anime chapter that Daily Anime Art is going to tell you about. I’ve just recently caught up to the anime and manga, and I’m nowhere near an expert on the anime. Previously, Natsu and the others had been put into a different dimension which they stayed there for 7 years. They have just recently come back, to find out that their precious Fairy Tail is no longer the top guild in Fiore. They have recently entered the Grand Magic Games to compete and win to be the Most Powerful Guild in the Kingdom of Fiore.

The episode starts with Day 2 of the 5 Days event. This is the competition portion which is called “Chariot”. This competition consists of reaching the goal without falling off from the interconnected chariots. These chariots are constantly in motion so even a slip up might mean them loosing. They will pass through the sightseeing locales of crocus.

Every member of Fairy Tail, as well as other guild members and other public people stare at what Natsu, Gajeel and Sting are doing. Trailing at the back, Natsu is hopeless to win any points since, all Fairy Tail fans know that he’s not a big fan of transportation. Right next to Natsu, from Fairy Tail ‘s Gajeel and even Sabertooth’s Sting are all in the same condition.

The public wonder as to how these three members are at such a disadvantage during this Chariot race. The people at the front, Kurohebi, Ichiya, Yuka, Risley and Bacchus are nearly at the finishing line. They all keep using their magical powers to throw each other off from this chariot. As Ichiya and the others use their powers, Bacchus, who is drunk, smashes his right leg on one of the chariots which lifts the other few chariots which really push the other members to what could be them loosing.

Bacchus then passes by every other member as well as Kurohebi, who was first. He cheers out load as he and his team, Quatro Cerberus receives 10 Points. Every other member from other guild also receive points as they pass the line.

At the point where Natsu is, Gajeel  mentions that he’s never had problems with transportation, Sting then goes on ahead to congratulate Gajeel for being a real dragon slayer. Natsu starts to go forward as well as Gajeel. Sting then questions them on why they entered the competition fully knowing that they do their things at their own pace without worrying about how other might think.

Natsu answers that it’s all been for their comrades. For the past 7 years, they have been waiting for them, they have been protecting the guild for the past 7 years and that shouldn’t be worth anything. They had endured being fools time and time again. Natsu shouts that they will be keeping moving forward no matter what! Natsu reaches the goal point in 6th place earning their first 2 points, and Gajeel in 7th place achieving 7 points. The public applaud at their determination and gain some new cheers from the crowd. While Sting calls them trash on the way they think. The chapter ends here.

Wow, Fairy Tail 276 had proven that what ever the situation, Natsu will never give up on them! The Battle part of the Day 2 will continue on next week’s Fairy Tail 277, named “Stockings”, have a guess of what it could be about.

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