Rinnegan Ready for Battle – Naruto Shippuden 255

The powerful Rinnegan is finally ready for battle. Naruto is still clueless about what is actually happening as Kabuto and Deidara find the large turtle with Naruto and Killer Bee on them. Kabuto steals Yamato while Onoki fights Deidara, when after a second of getting ready to fight Deidara is taken away.

We start the episode with Naruto carrying on with his S-Class Mission, he is trying to find if the armadillo is either a male or female. At this point Motoi detects that something is coming to get the mobile island, and thus when the snake bits the tail of the turtle it screams out revealing the exact point of where the turtle is located.

Kabuto and Deidara follow the sound, they are also followed by the Onoki and his apprentice. At the point of seeing the massive turtle, Deidara is told by Kabuto to construct a large explosive clay which would flip the turtle over. He does this and the people inside the turtle such as Naruto and Killer Bee all flip over, Naruto then finds out that the armadillo is in fact a male even if he acted like a female.

Kabuto lands on the front of the turtle to find out that Onoki has been following him. He tries to release his Dust Technique, only to find out that he can’t because he might hit the turtle. As Deidara fly’s up, Onoki follows him to get clear so he could use the technique.

The snake holds the turtle tightly at the neck to prevent him from moving. At this point, Motoi, Aoba and Yamato come to see what is going on, while Kurotsuchi is up flying. She spits Corrosion Style: Quicklime Jutsu which she uses and misses, she then uses Water Style: Water Trumpet to make the quicklime liquid to spread it out even further to make Kabuto step on it to capture him. She then sends more quicklime to hold him in place.

Yamato builds a bridge for Aoba to use his abilities. As he goes to do this, Kabuto suddenly leaves his shell by surprise pushing Aoba to the clay and crawls himself to Yamato to capture him whole, he then crawls pretty quickly to enter the nose of the giant snake that holds the neck of the turtle. The snake then disappears, Deidara is also send back as the coffin appears and captured him.

Onoki appears before Aoba and Motoi to find out that Yamato has been captured. We move to where the Tobi is located. Kabuto mentions that using the power of Yamato, Zetsu’s clones as well as his powers will increase. Tobi then mentions that he should do this quickly as he’s left eye is itching for battle. His left eye has changed to a Rinnegan.

What an amazing episode! The preparations for the battle on Tobi’s side are really starting to get ready! Kabuto seems to have an a reason for helping, maybe it’s for something he wants or he wants to sabotage Tobi in some way. We’ll have to see what happens in the next Naruto Shippuden 256.

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