Return of the Arrancar’s, Nel and Tier Harribel – Bleach 485

Bleach 485 is an explosive chapter revealing what could be the future of what the Final Bleach Arc is all about. The King has the power to somehow kill people as only by using his mind. He was able to kill Ludes Friegen as well as Ivan Azgiaro since he had no use for both of them. Ichigo realizes that many people have died in the Soul Society, also Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck also shows up. Tier Harribel has been captured by the King.

We start this amazing chapter with Ludes Friegen panting on the floor as his right arm has been completely cut off. Even at this point, The King allowed him to speak lying down, and Ludes Friegen had accepted this. At this point, The King asks him if he needs his legs, Ludes Friegen replies that he would never be so rude to him in any way.

At this point Yuki realises that Ishida should have gone to help him. Uryu replies to him that he does not need any help since Ivan’s reiatsu has disappeared and furthermore there is no way that Ichigo would lose to such as guy, says Uryu. Orihime then looks at him and says that after looking at that, they have all becomes really good friends even if Uryu acts as though they haven’t.

Ichigo returns and Yuki’s phone rings with partner Shino’s humming as his alert. After picking up, Yuki learns that he has to go back to Soul Society for a funeral. This funeral is for the First Division Vice Captain Chojiro Sasakibe. Akon then goes on ahead to explain that 57 minutes ago, 7 unknown people broke into the room of the first division. After Five minutes, they retreated 52 minutes ago. The Captain Commander is safe.

At the same time, there were other mysterious intruders closer to the gate. In 182 seconds battle, 106 members of the division died. Akon currently does not know how they got in and left, but there was no sign of the Shakonmaku being affected, therefore they used a method of travel and transportation which did not affect the Shakonmaku.

After some while Ichigo is patrolling Karakura Town, he remembers when Uryu told him that they had told Yuki such a detailed report to a common soldier, which would be strange. They would have guessed that Ichigo and the others would be there, which means that in the near future they may ask the help of Ichigo when confronting this fight.

Ichigo notices that something is flying really fast, he sees that it’s Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck or Nel for short. She lands directly on Ichigo. She tells him that something is bad, she asks for Ichigo’s help as “Hueco Mundo is…”.

We return back to the kingdom where the King mocks Ludes Friegen for being a prophet when he clearly isn’t. The King scares Ludes as he doesn’t want to hear anything about the future, only the things which are current and now. At this point, Ludes is cut in half only after trying to explain what he had done before.

At this point Ivan is then focused on, the King mentions that he cannot be praised of blamed as he did enough to slow Ichigo down. He then mentions that his job is over, and that he will become the foundation stone to build peace. Ivan Azgiaro is then treated the same and killed.

One of the men asks the King if it’s okay to kill an Arrancar soldier like that because they don’t need to be thought how to fight. The King starts to climb stairs which go up to a cloth. He mentions that if he wants to get more Arrancar soldiers, he can do so.

At the point of taking the cloth off, we see another member of the Espada! Tier Harribel has been tied up with chains, she seems to be unconscious and unable to fight as she’s bleeding from her mouth. The King mentions that Hueco Mundo is already their territory as it’s just another foundation stone for them to invade the Soul Society. The chapter ends here!

What an amazing chapter! I can’t believe that this arc is getting amazing so quick! And on top of that has the King also captured Hueco Mundo!? That could be why Nel had arrived in the first place! We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next Bleach 486 chapter to learn what has happened to Hueco Mundo.

What do you think?

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