Ichigo’s New Bankai Form – Bleach 365

During the fight, Ichigo vs Ginjo, Ichigo gains an new Shikai look. Now Ichigo has a New Bankai Look which was featured during the latest Bleach 365 episode! If you were lucky enough to read the manga, you’d guessed that Ichigo’s Bankai Looks amazing!

Ichigo’s previous Bankai was awesome, but after I saw this! This is just EPIC! He opened this form so he could quickly get rid of Ginjo. As some remaining traces of Ichigo’s Fullbring was still within him, the appearance of his Bankai changed slightly.

He wears a white undershirt beneath his black shihakusho, which is now open. Held together by three “x”-shaped marks, it ends in a number of coattails. Ichigo wears black gloves with white “x”-shaped marks appear on both the gloves and his forearms.

Tensa Zangetsu’s blade is now much longer (roughly the length of his Shikai) and more curved as it nears the tip, with three protrusions along the blunt end of the sword close to its tip. While retaining its manji-like shape, the tsuba becomes more curved and jagged. Tensa Zangetsu’s chain is now longer, attaching to both the base of the sword’s hilt and to Ichigo’s glove, forming a wide loop.

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