Ivan Azgiaro – Arrancar, Quincy or Hybrid?

If you’ve read the latest Bleach Manga, you would have had the surprise of meeting Ivan Azgiaro. A characters who has similarities to Aizen’s characters while also having Quincy abilities, and yet looking a lot like a Arrancar. How’s this possible? Well I’m here to make some sense of this by telling you some info you might find useful.

Is Ivan Azgiaro a Arrancar? That’s a hard question to answer, even if Ivan himself told us that he’s not a Arrancar. Ivan has a ton of similarities to how a usual Arrancar would look like. Firstly he has that small mask he has which covers his left eye. He also wear the white colored outfit which matches what characters like Aizen, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow wore. Personally I think that Ivan isn’t a Arrancar because of his Quincy abilities, also the mask which he has could have just been a mutation or something went wrong for him, for example when Giriko has mutated his right eye also when he misbehaved with his Time Tells No Lies. This could be a similar incident for Ivan.

Is Ivan Azgiaro a Quincy? It was shown that he’s an Quincy due to him having a Quincy cross which he could use to summon a great weapon which looks like a bow. Ivan also hints at Ichigo about who he is when he shows his cross which could prove that he is ultimately a Quincy. Furthermore, he also wears a white outfit which looks similar to that of a Quincy user, although this is the same for Arrancar’s the outfit can go both ways. Personally, I prefer the idea that Ivan Azgiaro is a Quincy since he does has Quincy abilities which Ichigo has noticed. Lastly when Hiyori “Smell Shinigami” during episode Bleach 481, Hiyori see’s a type of hole which could mean Ivan could have come out of it. The smell could be due to within the whole there are other Shinigami’s which are allies to Ivan.

Is Ivan Azgiaro a Arrancar-Quincy Hybrid? Well, It’s likely that Ivan has both abilities due to his mask. And due to his similarities with Aizen, Aizen could have done some secret lab work which allowed him to create Ivan which has both Arrancar and Quincy abilities, a hybrid. Personally, I’m not much of a fan of this idea, as it would ruin the whole concept of having one Arrancar and Quincy together, as Arrancar are such powerful characters while Quincy’s are more calm characters which think before they actually do something.

So, I think that Ivan Azgiaro is a Quincy, but I may be wrong. What do you think? Comment below and tell me what you think!

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  1. Linus135

    I think Ivan might be some sort of Vizard equivalent. The shinigami use hollow powers and become Vizards, and when the hollows use shinigami powers they became Arrancar and Espada. From that logic of mixing powers, I would expect this to be a Quincy using hollow powers.


  2. fb

    since nearly all quincies have been exterminated, i thought that some of them could have become hollows and then having recovered their quincy powers, becoming something similar to an arrancar. Is it not realistical?


    1. Linus135

      At this point with soo little info on things, pretty much anything is realistic 😛 and that would be an interesting concept. Kinda makes me think of Zombies returning for the dead haha


  3. Nacho

    I think what probably happened there is that Ivan was a quincy while he was alive and once he died he became a hollow, however he somehow keept his quincy abilities.


  4. Robert Graham

    Considering the an Arrancar removes their mask and reveals part of who they were when they were once human I definitely see this as a possibility that he would be a Quincy that died and in his anger over his race being wiped out became a hollow. Later as he became stronger he was eventually able to remove his mask and become again in touch with his former Quincy life. It Could also make for an interesting reason for him to attack the soul Society as a whole finding them at fault for the extermination of the Quincy race and the hatred having been what led him down this path to begin with.


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