Deidara – During his Training

This is why we’re all here! This amazing piece of Deidara, who is now deceased at the age of 19, was drawn by ireal70. You rarely see an artists draw Anime characters this good. If you like the image drawn, you should definitively like this post by clicking it below, or check more by going to ireal70’s profile.

ireal70 had said that this image can be described as “Shirtless and wet Deidara training in a lake.”. As most of you may know, Deidara is a member of the Akatsuki. You may have also known that he has the abilities to mold clay using the tongues on both of hands to make them explosive.

You may want to think Deidara as one of the most powerful people within the Akatsuki as he was able to fight many great opponents such as Kakashi, Sasuke and even the Third Jinchuuriki, Yagura and Isobu.

What do you think?

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