Ivan Azgiaro, a Quincy? Gotei 13 Under Attack – Bleach 482

We keep getting deeper and deeper into the Final Arc of Bleach. We see Ivan Azgiaro refuse to remove himself from Ichigo’s bed, Ichigo kick him in the face. Ichigo finds out that Ivan has a Quincy cross which helps him to create a huge bow. While Ikkaku and Yumichika arrive at a deserted part of Rukongai.

Ichigo once again asks Ivan Azgiaro to remove himself from the bed, Ivan refuses and Ichigo quickly goes to kick him in the face, we see that Orihime opens the closed window so he doesn’t break it. Uryu, Chad and Orihime mention to Ichigo that they wont be joining them as they will first finish their breads first. At this point Shino and Yuki are both afraid.

Ivan  wonders why Ichigo kicked him out, Ichigo mentions that Ivan should follow Ichigo so they could settle their business. Ivan asks Ichigo if he’s curious to know who Ivan is, Ichigo replies to Ivan that he’s not.

At this point, Ichigo asks Ivan, due to the Hollow Mask, if he’s an Arrancar. Ivan steps in front of Ichigo and says that he’s not an Arrancar. At this point he drops his left hand which allows Ichigo to see the Quincy Cross. Ichigo is literally shocked as he’s never seen someone who looks like a Arrancar with a Quincy Cross. Or even seen a person with Quincy abilities other than Uryu and his father, Ryuken Ishida.

Ivan opens his Quincy Cross to reveal that it’s actually a massive bow, or something very similar to a bow. Ichigo is still shocked at this point as he’s never seen something similar to this. Ichigo might have a great battle in front of him.

We move onto where Ikkaku and Yumichika are located, Rukongai – District 64 East Sabitsura. There notice that no one is there except the scout that was sent to see where all the people have gone. He finds nothing except a two types of footprints, barefoot and sandal prints, it looks like the inhabitants were erased by someone in their midst.

We now go to where Captain-Commander Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto is located. We see that he is being told what all the divisions are doing, while the person there is killed in an instant. Yamamoto turns around to see 7 people who have very similar outfit to those of Arrancar’s, but this time they have a black mask with a hat, with a black rope which goes around them from left shoulders to right hip and back round.

They mention that they  are there to declare war on you. Here the chapter ends. The last sentence is somewhat confusing since the they actually say they are there to declare war on Yamamoto, would that mean that there has been some kind of past between them? Well I personally think that they do since this arc’s name is The Thousand-Year Blood War. So there has to be some kind of past between them.

Also this chapter has been great since we actually have a brief idea of what’s going to happen. A war! And also next week’s Bleach 483 is going to be epic since there is chance Ivan and Ichigo are going, head to head!

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    1. Sunite

      Hahah yup, we haven’t seen how powerful Quincies can get, so this will be an eye opener for Ishida as well as his father, as they had thought they were the last Quencies, if i remember correctly.. 😛


      1. Prince

        Well, I don’t think they were lied to when they were said to be the last quincies, but maybe the quincies have been restored or something, which could explain the masks and that guy’s partial hollow mask. idk, I’m just ready for the next chapter^^.


        1. Sunite

          Currently I’m think that since quencies were very good with planning and fighting tactically, the eye patch which looks like a partial hollow mask is actually some kind of reading/measuring device which measures power etc…


  1. Kashif Ross

    Man. I’ve been missing so much because I’m locked up in the house writing all day. Plus! I had no clue Mangastream was dropping Naruto and Bleach. I still have to catch up with Bleach. I thought about not reading it, but seeing all your pictures has me motivated haha.


    1. Sunite

      hahah xD both Naruto and Bleach are really picking up their pace! They are both going all out on on story and how to really make the reader interested…
      Yeh really disappointed that MangaStream stopped translating them since they were usually the quickest to do so. and awesome that you fancy reading the manga 😀 hah


  2. Linus135

    I posted this thought on the Ivan post, but I have a thought that Ivan is using hollow powers similar to the Vizard. If the shinigami can do it and the espada can use shinigami powers I don’t see why the Quincy wouldn’t have found a way to. Basically I think Ivan is the Quincy Vizard equivalent.


  3. chupacabra 92

    Why don’t we all consider a crazy idea that those seven or more guys have mixed powers of quincy and arrancars and maybe somebody else’s(those are all reiatsu based creatures) f.e. Ivan has a arancar mask which is really small(maybe some of them are vasto lorde they haven’t been fully introduced yet ) but he also has a Quincy Cross,maybe those guys existed from the begining gathering power and waiting fot the right moment.


    1. Sunite

      Yup, i also agree, i think i mentioned that since this is called “The Thousand-Year Blood War” arc, it seem as thought before this time, they lost the war and now they’re back but now they have evolved either the quincy power or arrancar power… What do you think about this idea?


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