Ichigo’s Fullbring Activates – Bleach 348

Ichigo’s Fullbring Finally Activates, and all he had to do is remember all he’s done in the past. Ichigo is also up against a plush within Riruka Dokugamine’s “Favorite” Dollhouse.

Ichigo activates his Fullbring after the 15 minute time limit which was placed by Giriko Kutsuzawa. This time limit was mainly for the plush doll, after the 15 minute limit, the plush turns into a dangerous looking mutation of a plush called Crazy Beast Mode. This also means that the person inside the plush has also died and wont be able to come back.

Riruka’s fullbring “Dollhouse” means she is able to turn anyone into a miniature size, such as Ichigo in this case, and put them into her Dollhouse. Riruka describes Fullbring as “Fullbring is the power of love”, then “It’s the ability to draw out maximum power from something a person loves” e.g. “A guy like Ginjo, who only loves his pendant, turns that into a weapon to fight with”. “Dollhouse” is the ability for things that Riruka’s given permission to move in and out of my favorite objects! This can only be done when the person has the love heart attached to them, this is the pass to enter.

Chad helps Ichigo to activate he’s power by hinting him when he has an attachment to something e.g. Chad’s Skin, Jackie Tristan’s Dirty Boots or Yukio’s Games, they are able to activate their powers this way.

Giriko Kutsuzawa Fullbring “Time Tells No Lies” is able to set a timer or timers upon things and beings to which they are attached. These timers are linked to certain conditions that only Giriko himself can set. When the time period are established, even Giriko himself cannot deactivate his Fullbring. If someone is brought out from the area when the Fullbring is activated, the person, object and area will perish in the Flames of Time.

At the end of the episode, Ichigo activates he’s Fullbring, although he’s Fullbring has never been named, and I’m guessing it wont. Ichigo’s Fullbring is a dark inside with red outline, exactly like he’s Getsuga Tensho.

So, today’s episode was great, but im sure that next week’s Bleach 349 will be epic! Don’t forget to keep reading as well as watching the episodes. This is just getting started!

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  1. cmcwiki

    His initial anime fullbring is different than his manga one. The manga one is in the shape of a manji, like the guard of Tensa zangetsu. This one has been edited so that it doesn’t offend people. (manji looks like a swastika). This has been done before with the branch seal of the hyuga clan in naruto


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