The Enemy You Should Really Be Fighting – Bleach 473

Today’s Bleach 473 features Kugo Ginjo hinting to Ichigo who the real enemy is. All the other enemies have been defeated except for Tsukishima who s near death, Riruka who may have escaped and Yukio who’s been captured in an Ice Prison.

All the Soul Reapers, Zaraki, Madarame, Rukia, Renji, Byakuya and Hitsugaya find out that Kugo Ginjo and Ichigo are still in battle. They see a large dark object in front of them which has Ichigo and Ishida v Ginjo inside fighting. Yukio states that he isn’t able to undo this dimension because of the “Small Promise” they made. “When we joined up with Kugo, as a sign of out new comrade-ship, we all shared our powers and he shared his with us.” He goes on to say “As long as Kugo is within my ability’s range, dispelling it is impossible without Kugo’s explicit order”. What Yukio is trying to say here, is that Yukio cannot get rid of a pocket dimension without Kugo’s orders.

After a few pages of seeing Ichigo and Ginjo cross blades, Kugo asks Ichigo a crucial question, “What are you fighting for Kurosaki?”. Ichigo doesn’t answer Ginjo’s question, which could prove a multiple number things, one of those would be that Ichigo no longer has anything or anyone to protect since the death of Tsukishima would restore his family and friends memories.

Ginjo goes on to tell Ichigo, “It’s a little story about The Enemy You Should Really Be Fighting”! Here anything is possible! Comment and guess what that story is!

What I think about this chapter is that after this story has really kicked in! The upcoming episode and mangas are going to be legendary! If you imagine this as being the start of the story, you’d be able to imagine that whats going to happen here is Ichigo is going to find the key to the Substitute Shinigami and the next episodes after that! Of course it must be related to Ichigo’s dad Isshin Kurosaki.

So, as epic as this chapter was, im sure that next week’s Bleach 474 will be the key for future episodes!

What do you think?

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