The Ultimate Team – Naruto 562

“To Think I’d Live to See The Day When The Five Kages Would Stand and Fight Together” said Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage.

The presence of these 5 Kages in one place does really mean that this issue has really gotten out of hand. Madara Uchiha, one of the greatest shinobi’s would cause chaos if he is left alone.

From Left to Right. A The Fourth Raikage, Tsunade The Fifth Hokage, Gaara The Fifth Kazekage, Onoki The Third Tsuchikage and Mei Terumi The Fifth Mizukage are all very experienced shinobi’s. That’s why their all Kages.

To read next weeks Naruto 563 Manga would be amazing. The Ultimate Team have now come together to fight Uchiha Madara and Muu, and im pretty sure it’s going to be one amazing fight! Comment below and what you guys think is going to happen!

Updated: Added More Images

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