Rukia Kuchiki New Look

Rukia’s New Look has been done after 17 Months after Ichigo lost his reiatsu! In my opinion, I think this new look, Rukia’s Hair Cut, Rukia’s Vice Captain badge, proves that she hasn’t just been keeping out-of-the-way. She has probably done a lot of training to achieve her Bankai!

Have a Look at Ichigo’s New Look And Sword!

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    1. Sunite

      Yes, thats true, but it usually does mean. I’ve seen many discussions about this matter through out many forums and website.

      They all seem to speculate that she’s achieved her Bankai. It’s been 17 months and that is probably enough time for her to achieve this.


  1. ichiruki maniac

    although im not used to her new look, rukia’s hair in the first episode was like a jellyfish xD anyway, if it kept its length and it was straight, it would be the perfect option.


    1. Sunite

      haha jellyfish, now that you mention it, lool. It does kind of look like it. But yeah, her hair looks good now, more modern then before is what i think.


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