Fairy Tail Anime Cancelled on 30th March 2013!

Fairy Tail Anime Cancelled

Fairy Tail Anime has just been confirmed to have its end sooner than hoped as it’s being cancelled on the 30th of March 2013! An announcement from Kodansha’s TV Magazine announced that the Fairy Tail anime’s television broadcast run will end on the 30th of March, being replaced by Driland anime in its new time slot on the 6th of April 2013 at 10:30 am.

I’d like to confirm that the anime is back! The news can be found here and Fairy Tail 176 is here. Every Saturday is Fairy Tail Anime day. Watch out for it!

The adaption of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail fantasy adventure manga premiered on Japan’s TV Tokyo station in October, every Saturday morning at 10:30 am. The end is near as Fairy Tail 175 episode will be its last. However, Hiro Mashima posted a statement to fans on his verified Twitter timeline on Saturday (02/03/2013):

Until the time comes, I cannot say something I’ve always wanted to say, even on Twitter. Please be patient and wait until the time comes for me to announce some good news.

Even if Fairy Tail’s Anime future seems bleak, it seems somewhat impossible for it to come back, there has not been an official statement to what the problem is which led Fairy Tail’s anime cancellation, many think it’s due to their budget. Hiro Mashima asks fans to be patient and wait until he announces some good news.

What do you think about this upsetting news? A lot of fans will be saddened that their favorite Saturday morning show will be replaced by an anime never heard before. Tell me what you think using the comment section!

Source: ANN

If you can read Japanese, these image will explain what’s happening, I do not read Japanese, but have an idea of what’s being shown:

Fairy Tail Anime's TV Run to End on March 30This image has a message written in Japanese in blue on the right hand side, apparently it explains and mentions that Fairy Tail will be ending its anime series on the 30th of March 2013 within Fairy Tail Episode 175. As you can deduct, it’s showing the current arc which is the Grand Magic Games Arc including the character Sting in the photo.

Driland to replace Fairy Tail 30 March 2013

This image apparently explains within the bottom of the page about what’s going to happen. It mentions the date 6th of April 2013 at 10:30 which seems to be the same schedule of Fairy Tail, its being replaced by an anime called Driland. What do you think about all this happening so fast? Tell me using the comment section!

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  1. Mickaël

    Je suis Français j’espère que vous pourrez comprendre, je pense que l’animé vas faire une pose pour pouvoir relancer le manga par la suite, j’espère juste que ce ne serra pas une fin définitive. Vue comment le manga est devenue populaire et est en plus de cela un très bon manga, cela m’éttonerai que ce sois la fin définitive de Fairy Tail. Soyons patient et nous verrons bien si les bonnes nouvelles arrivent!

    Google Translate: I am French I hope you can understand, I think the anime’ll take a break in order to relaunch the manga later, I just hope it does not shake a definitive end. View how the manga became popular and in addition to this a very good manga, I am éttonerai that be the definitive end of Fairy Tail. Let patient and we’ll see if the good news coming!

      1. alice

        wow this really just…..wow. . i know countless people that are really pissed about this….. he better get the show running again or he gonna lose so many fans.

        1. AshK1980

          Honestly? Really guys, come on Hiro has already confirmed that the Anime is going to continue. He just hasn’t decided when he is going to continue it. Will all of you Idiots just shut up and wait for the Anime to get rolling again. Seriously, I’m tired of going over this time and time again. The Anime will continue, it is just up in the air when it will continue so just be patient!

          1. M.K.

            IKR, hopefully it comes back sometime in August, and hopefully there won’t be another really long break in another 2 or 3 years

            1. M.K.

              I think that he meant tv Tokyo in japan where it originally airs, and to everyone else who may be reading fairy tail is coming back and at this point we have a date which is April 14, I think, of 2014

          2. Tsunami Arow

            I totally agree with you, I mean I know there are alot of animes that are good, but that’s no reason to get acting like bakas, be patient, does none of you think this is hard on Hiro either? Ask, I am so with you! *thumbs up*
            (Whoever is reading this and is a girl, I may have not watched the entire anime yet, but I don’t care, MIDNIGHT IS FOREVER MINE)

          1. AshK1980

            Listen to Sunite. April of 2014 is when Fairy Tail will return. Besides the first 96 Episodes are dubbed and available for viewing on the Funimation site. 72 of them are available for free. The other 24 are for Elite Members. An Elite Subscription only costs $7.95 per month and Fairy Tail Part 9(Episodes 97-108) will be available on DVD/BR Combo Pack March 25th, 2014. They will more than likely be available to view via a Funimation Elite Subscription on March 11th, 2014.

    1. Fairytail Big Fan

      I just want the anime back this is one of the best animes I’ve seen I’ve loved fairytail then naruto then one piece the best was fairy tail because it encouraged the viewer to watch all the episodes hope it reaches to episode 450 at least and continue I can never stop thinking about it every Saturday morning even tho i live out of japan I sill want to go there to get the name back up even though I can’t do anything if Mashima looked at this message just wanted to say I’m a big fan of fairytail would like you to bring it back up




    2. max

      Too be honest filler episodes can do good for fairy tail the fact that its almost like a mmo’ish anime why can’t they just do some quest arcs they can do so much with this series funny episodes / new guildmates joining the guild , odd jobs etc i doubt its a budget problem either just people not thinking correctly at the moment i hope it comes back stronger than ever!

      1. LadyLeen

        The problem with that is that, if you read the manga, the next part is a long bit. Give or take, it is about 5-10 chapters in a manga for 1 anime episode, which means the anime will catch up to the manga in no time. The reason they can’t put a filler episode, or an arc for that matter, like with the Infinity Time arc, is because they’re in the Magic Games. The Magic Games has 2-3 arcs in there, and to put a filler arc in there would throw off the audience’s sequence.

      2. Angie

        it may be of budget cuz they need to pay the voicers. I heard that the actress voicing lucy quite cuz she wasn’t being paid enough soooooooo……

    3. derek

      this is fucking bullshit high school of the dead then its soul eater now this these animes bring worth and value to people hearts and decisions it give bright new leads to keep struggling to fight in life it brought me nothing but happeniess I dont have time to read a whole magna for 2/of a ep thats why i love anime and the beautiful art it brings. anime is dieing n im beginning to stop watching it all completey knowing and not knowing what is happening with these amazing characters is aggrevating im from the u.s.a n i watch anime more then any other series. actually i dont watch any series execpt drawn. please bring it back.

    4. LeoLee707

      I love this anime. My girlfriend who is my ex-girlfriend got me into this anime when she first started watching it. It has so much good qualities such as drama, fighting, magic, comedy and a good story to become the strongest guild in Fiore. It also has heart of friendship and self respect for one another. Sets a good strong morality as and anime side by side with Naruto and One Piece. Not much of a big fan with the anime One Piece as much as my younger brother is but Fairy Tail has become such a success and to see it end with a great episode with the fight between 3 Dragon Slayers went out with a bang. I hope this show keeps going strong just like how Naruto is a never ending anime. Do bring back some great news that this anime will continue. As for the new Anime Driland is based of a game on the App store for Apple called Driland and Treasure Quest on the Android system. Driland has become a success as far as a card game with adventures goes. Driland has racked up Billions of dollars in revenue due to all the spending from all the players out there who’s developed such a huge interest in this game. Very addicting I must say but too many errors and bugs recently as the developers seems to have gone awry and on a vacation perhaps lol. Driland has earned a huge budget from all the game players around a net of over 2 billion dollars since it’s debut in the U.S. Surely this is not the last we’ll see of Fairy Tail. We’ll just have to wait for the good news till then.

    5. natsu dragneel

      i think.it is not been cancelled.it is because the manga reached too close the episodes of fairy tail.that’s why.i talked with hiro mashima-sensei on twitter and he said that fairy tail will reach a maximum episode of 750-800.he also said that the new episodes of fairy tail will probably start from september or november or december 2013.i can tell this for sure.so don’t need to worry friends.i am feeling the same way as you are all feeling.i am also a big fan of fairy tail.so don’t worry friends.keep watching the reruns of fairy tail.

      1. AshK1980

        Funimation even has plans to dub all 175 Episodes by the end of this year! They will already have the first 108 Episodes Dubbed by March 25th, 2014. Will people stop complaining? It’s getting quite annoying!

  2. jezik

    How can they??? It makes no sense. Its even just starting to get really popular here in the U.S. At the risk of oversimplifying “Just manage your budget!” I mean, not enough people have even heard of it for sure; fans waiting to be. So….manage your PR/advertisement too!
    Can the fans help keep this from happening? Please let us know what we can do.

    1. Skim

      Maybe we can give the new anime coming up, driland, really bad publicity. That way the popularity of faory tail will out weigh that of driland and they might have to bring it back… Maybe

      1. Erzaaaaa

        Hopefully, why can’t they use the money they are planning to use to make Driland to continue Fairy Tail. Or maybe Hiro could say that they are temporarily canceling the anime because it is catching up to the manga, then we wouldn’t be all worked up since we know that it is not permanent. But right now I am freaking out!!!!

        1. Dragon slayer Natsu

          What about fillers. Why aren’t they making fillers instead of cancelling the whole series, like in Bleach and Naruto Shippuden?! Yeah, this was really bad news. I hope instead of cancelling the series, they make more fillers. Up til now they have just made one filler arc. So it would make sense to make more so the the manga get a bit further than the anime.

          1. Lost Fairy

            Thats the problem though. Every time they make a filler arc for Fairy Tail or something that doesn’t match the Manga completely there are always those people who complain. I personally enjoy the fillers and I think it’s a great way to continue they anime but not catch up to the Manga. I mean all you ever hear is people complaining how Naruto and Bleach are just full of fillers. I love that idea but people are just gonna complain about it.

            1. kazukie1

              yep thats y bleach got cancelled in the 1st place it got too close to the manga and it was at a point where they couldnt manage a filer arc and also due to the fact that the manga was going to get cancelled so that may also b a factor with fairy tail mabe.. :/

                1. M.K.

                  The only reason there haven’t been any filler arcs for bleach are because no one likes those.
                  P.S. on that pic on the top why are there two little sections with fairy tail wizards??

                2. M.K.

                  Oh and if you aren’t reading the manga on bleach you should probably wait to watch the anime or start reading the manga because things are coming into light and it really is worth watchingreading.

                3. Reigeki_Kai

                  @ MK.. reason why there are two sections is there was a fairy tale A and Fairy tale B team during the tournament

          2. LadyLeen

            Problem with that is they are in the middle of an arc. What happens in Magic Games is that it is an arc inside an arc. 1 episode is equivalent to about 5-10 manga chapters. Even if the episode does 1 filler episode, that does not buy enough time to continue the manga. Same reason they cannot put a filler arc in there, like they did with the Infinity Clock arc. They are in mid-arc with the tag battles, but there’s still things left to be said about everything with the Eclipse project. If a filler arc is put in here, it would throw off a lot of the audience’s viewing sequence, and in a sense, would make the audience forget a little of the original plot sequence, if that makes any sense.

            1. M.K.

              What u said and what he said are kinda different because in bleach what they did was that in the arancar arc they separated it into three parts and made one looooong arc a bunch of small arcs and they can still do the same with fairytail but no one likes fillers right

      2. sexyNoelle

        so i guess dont watch Driland and make the rating view 0 so fairy tail will get up again? i hoped cuz i aint watching driland till they say FT will continue on air -_-

        1. Arrihanna

          Fairy Tail is my favorite anime. I really hope it isnt being cancelled but it is catching up to the manga. They must be taking a break.
          Also, they already did a missive filler arc of The Infinity Clock thing, so they must think its best just to take a little break.
          It makes a lot of sense for them to be temporarily taking it down and it makes absolute no sense that they would cancel it. its the fourth most popular anime and manga series.

          1. David Gonzalez

            I heard from someone that fairy tail will be on September or something like that there just doing to the manga can get farther then the anime is because as you know the anime is close to the manga! Soo hang in there everybody! :D

        2. Cheese doodles

          Mabye Driland won’t be so bad (I’m against it) but mabye wacth an episode or 2 and review it as bad(if it is)

      3. Monica


    2. ballad

      Its very easy, YOU DONT MATTER, even if theres millions of people watching Fairy Tail it means jack shit because the only people they care if watch it are the japanese because thats the people they make money from… Fairy Tail havent been doing too good in japan, thats why its cancelled (im not making this up, ive spoken to alot of people from japan about this and apparently this is the reason) so it doesnt matter if we strem, download or anything else because if they dont make money from showing it on tv they dont earn anything by animating it… sad but true

      1. Angie

        I found out about it from my friends and I REALLY love it. AND IM BEGGING, DONT TAKE THIS AWSOME GUILD AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Andre Felix

      I live in Trinidad and Tobago a friend introduced me to the series and in turn I introduced two more friends. We really enjoy it here, Trinidad has a small manga/anime community but it’s going strong everyday. Fairy Tail’s fan base may not be very large here but we’re very loyal.

  3. Sarutobi

    DRILAND SUCK!!!!! FUCK YOU DIRLAND ANIME BITCH!! I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF AN ANIME NAMED DRILAND!!! DRILAND SUCKS!!! BOOOOOO!!!! Fairy Tail is the best anime for me.. PLs dont replace it!!

      1. Erzaaaaa

        We should all sign a petition and send it to the creator of Fairy Tail, so they would see how many people love the anime, and how many people they would be letting down if they canceled the show.

          1. meskutea

            we can’t do anything… to say the truth, i have never heard that cancellation would be stopped… personaly, i would do anything to stop cancellation myself, but, honestly, i don’t think it’s possible…

            1. Viktor

              Nothing will change this, they are stoping because they are so close to the manga, they will start again but that might be like 8 months from now

              1. deucee9s2wylde

                I am praying that what you’re saying is true. I could wait an entire year if they say they’re coming back. Right now I’m just dying to see the final battle of the Grand Magic Games animated, especially Jura vs Laxus.

          2. Le Jung

            I know right. I was wonder why Lucy want to close the gate when she say she not going to close it. I also wonder why future levy is upset with lucy and why rouge turn evil? There so manys question that need to be answer and the plan to cancel it. HELLL NO!

      1. ErzaScarlet

        You are judging an anime that has 170 episodes based on the first 3? Are you retarded? You haven’t seen anything yet… lol

      2. Natsu

        Dude i looked it up a picture and i was like “no fuck this shit” the look so f*cking retarded. whats with the sword princess?

          1. dragonslayer246

            I really hope fairy tail does not end and if any way they are dealing with financial problems, we should send money to help!

              1. Klaus

                Are you sure that It will make a Difference? I think if they needed money they would ask. But we could try that as well and see how things work out.

      3. wesley

        yes i just watched some of driland, and its animation is gay. who wants to watch chibi people run around when you can be watching fairy tail, atleast give a good comparable!

      4. ThisPersonAskingYouQuestions/Replying

        It’s not stupid… If you haven’t realized there are a LOT of devoted fans on here. I can understand what you’re talking about because I quit halfway through the first episode because… Well… You all know why. That weird fake Salamander guy with that ridiculous charm ring. Anyway, once I picked up the series again, I FELL IN LOVE WITH FAIRY TAIL. Maybe you should try again? If not, please don’t vent it on all the people here.

        1. AshK1980

          Why do we keep going over this constantly? Are people not up on the current events regarding Fairy Tail? It’s coming back in April of this year. Why must people keep complaining when it has already be confirmed that the Fairy Tail Anime is returning? Constantly seeing people saying “Bring Back Fairy Tail” in millions of different ways is not going to bring the Fairy Tail Anime back any faster. Please be patient.

    1. nuro0o

      I have seen driland and it’s about chibi people in a fantasy world. After 3 episodes this anime was just boring as fuck. Not really fun to watch and the style doesn’t really appeal me either. If they made this anime in a style like fairy tail It would be awesome.

      1. SHADExJADEN

        Yeah, why can’t they just go on a hiatus for the year, like they do with Gintama?

        But i guess there’s probably more to the story than this.

        1. Erzaaaaa

          Guys guys. No arguing. Yes I agree that I’d rather have Fairy Tail than Driland, but personally, I don’t hate it. Also, we shouldn’t freak out too much because they are going to continue later when the manga gets more ahead.

          1. AshK1980

            the whole reason for the Key of the Starry Skies Filler was to allow Mashima to write more chapters of the Manga. Also the Filler was written because the Anime was too close to the Manga in that case as well. At least that Filler was after an Arc. I would rather see it go on Hiatus than see it show another Filler. Especially in the middle of an Arc. As I said before, this Anime is based off the Manga. The Manga is at 322, and the Anime is at 293. The Anime is too close to the Manga. Why is everyone panicking? It’s just going on Hiatus for a while. So please calm down.

            1. kazukie1

              some people are panicking due to the thought of it not going on hiatus but being cancelled 4 good but i think everyone should wait until we hear what mashima has to say

              1. White

                I agree on waiting to hear what Mashima has to say. I don’t know if any of you have watched InuYasha in the past, but the episodes ended weirdly at 166. The reason they did that was because the anime had managed to get either too close to the manga or even ahead. So what they did was stop airing it and continued the manga until the series was properly finished. The final twenty some episodes were then created and released a few years later giving the series a proper ending. They were actually only just translated and released this February in Canada. So hang in there guys, there is still lots of hope.

  4. Zamochy

    It doesn’t matter how popular an anime is, it’s hard to air an episode every week when the show is close to catching up to the manga.

    Usually a Fairy Tail anime arc consists of, more or less, half the number of chapters in that arc. The number of manga chapters for the Grand Magic Games arc is reaching 70 while the number of episodes is nearing mid-twenties.

    They probably don’t want to create a filler arc directly in the middle of the current arc, so instead they are probably just taking a break and letting the manga come out with a number of episodes.

    Rumor has it they’ll continue the anime again in the summer, which should give the manga enough time to finish the arc. After the anime finishes this arc, I expect them to create one or two filler arcs to give the manga more time to develop.

    1. Mystogan

      If they really would continue then they would have announced it too, but they make it sound permanent and it will be permanent, or so I do have the feeling. I like you guys being positive but I doubt it will return, maybe if more people get interested into the Manga then, and only then might the episodes return… I don’t believe the rumors and people should stop saying that they do this to prevent fillers, if they really are doing it to prevent fillers then they would announce it so that people won’t be panicking and raging, it’s over…

    2. ErzaScarletNo1

      Thanks for the info mate :) I’m genuinely upset they are stopping this anime but your comment here has given me hope that it’ll continue even if it takes until summer next year.

      I’ve really connected with this anime and it’s helping me through some personal issues. It’s keeping me motivated and positive.

      So, again. Thanks for your post :)

    1. NaLu 4 life

      I know how u feel :'(
      when i went online to watch fairy tail but found out its on hiatus, after about like 20 sec i already missed fairy tail D:

    1. Zamochy

      How can they “continue till the end of the arc” when the manga hasn’t even finished the arc? Be patient and wait for them to finish the arc in the manga. They’ll probably air it again after that, and then they’ll probably create a filler arc after the current arc to give it more time to catch up.

      1. GotzvBurchlichingen

        They probably don’t speak english and are using a translation app by the way they are posting. Anime literally means animated, and that’s a western term for a Japanese cartoon. Technically anything animated is a cartoon by it’s definition and that’s probably google translate or whatever translating their language equivalent of Anime as cartoon. That said, I hope this whole cancellation thing is just a joke.

  5. Celine

    I can’t believe it. I have been a fan since episode 1! I think its probably about the anime catching up to the manga, not the budget. if it was the budget they would have stopped during the first year. That’s just my view of course… :'(

  6. Alforce

    This anime is very, very good.. makes no sense that it’d be cancelled at, how should i say, currently the most interesting part ever. On behalf of all FT fans, WE LOVE FAIRY TAIL!!!

    1. NaLu 4 life

      thats right, we love fairy tail and always will!!! i just hope that they start airing the anime again soon >_<

  7. Lean Andrew Pensaber

    how the author so selfish its only beginning to fire up the anime and its getting ended this creator sucks couldn’t continue a very exciting anime i have watching this anime every saturday and yet its ending! so sad for fairytail fans! i wish the creator will change his mind in this issue

    1. SynthesisFL

      This creator sucks? he was the one who brought us Fairy Tail!! it’s up to him to decide if he wants to cancel it or not. Plus i don’t think it’s over yet. Hiro Mashima said that he will announce some good news. + i think that they’re taking a break so that the manga can catch up. Rumor has it that the anime will be returning around summer so that it is up-to-date with the manga again

      1. Emylee Snow

        Hopefully it will not be forgotten about by the creator. Fairy Tail has many fans, and it is continually growing popularity. I fear that when it ends, time will pass, and it will be forgotten, or to much will be going on for the creator to pick it back up. :(

    2. kentendo

      Mashima is a mangaka… not an animator… he writes the manga week in week out, in fact he’s known as one of the hardest working mangaka’s out there. Next week we are getting a 36 page chapter which is rarely done even by people like Oda (OP) and Kishi (Naruto). Even if the anime stops he will carry on as he did with Rave which also got cancelled but carried on manga wise for a few years longer. Also it looks like the manga is moving towards something big so stopping after Natsu vs Sting and Rogue may be wise, IF they are going to carry on eventually since he may need a good few months to re-establish things. I hope things dont end here for the anime though…

  8. dante

    Lool Good riddance it’s bout time this plot-holed filled joke fairy shit has to come to an end.(I’m getting fired up ) xD

    1. Anne

      Oh, so you’re getting fired up.? Please tell me how you’re really good at making a good plot and a good anime to watch.
      It doesn’t even deserve to be called shit. You can’t even make an anime as good as Fairy Tail. If you can make an anime better than FT then I will shut up.
      And what is “Lool”.? ‘Laughing out out loud’.? *Facepalm* You sir, just went full retard.

    2. Dragon slayer Natsu

      You are shit, bitch. If you don’t like it, don’t complain about it on this site you little shit! We are all fans of FT, and if don’t like it, you don’t deserve to be on this site and commenting like a douchebag.

    3. Hoe


    4. NaLu 4 life

      WAIT WAIT WAIT, just hold the fudge up. fairy tail is shit?! How bout u try making a better plot and anime since u know so much bout this stuff.

  9. Цаца Күн

    Oh God Why!!! It mustn’t end. This Anime is my true inspiration. It makes me happy and I learn a lot from it. I am sure every single person who heard of word ‘anime’ wants it to keep on to continue to retain. Fuck that shit called Driland.

    1. mahnoor afridi

      I also agree with you , I don’t want that Driland to be replaced with fairy tail cuz there is no anime that can reach the “awesomeness of fairy tail” and plzzzzzz hiro mashima give us a supper cool news that fairy tail is not ending

      1. Your mom

        i searched up Driland on Google. wacthed the first 10 minutes of it and i was like “f*ck this piece of shit” boring as f*ck

  10. Sky

    What the hell?! Right when it was getting good too *sobs in room and waits for the proclaimed “good news” to happen*

  11. John

    This is complete crap!
    I was at NY Comic-Con a few years ago when Hiro Mashima was there to promote Fairy Tail with Funimation. The crowds were huge! The huge auditorium was so full that people were standing! This is a hugely popular Anime and its just sad that they are pulling a Sci-Fi channel Farscape on us. “It costs too much, lets just cancel it!” meanwhile they’ll make a fortune on the DVD and Blu-Ray sales.

  12. BrooklynKitty

    Hopefully they aren’t stopping the anime forever. I hope that it will continute again in the summer. It would be terrible for it to just end like that. If its a budget problem (not likely) I would buy a ton of fairy tail stuff. BUT HOPEFULLY IT WOULD ONLY END TEMPORARILY AND START AGAIN I THE SUMMER! I can wait =^.^=

  13. julia

    how is this possible? fairy tail is the best anime ever. it’s also the best and 1 of the top 5 anime in the USA or around many countries. If fairy tail is being cancelled then all the other anime should be cancelled. its like shutting down louis Vuitton.

          1. Elysia

            I think Bleach is actually number one, but the top five are definitely Bleach, Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece, and Fullmetal Alchemist, though not necessarily in that exact order.

  14. 101nemesis

    It ain’t about the money. It doesn’t matter how popular the show was outside Japan. The ratings in Japan were bad. It was worse than what Bleach used to get even with filler arcs. Bleach got cancelled because it had too many filler arcs so it was better to cancel it for now and then restart it in a few years time. Fairy tail, however, has always had bad ratings. Even though the manga was popular, the anime wasn’t well received.

    1. Emylee Snow

      When I heard of the show being canceled I assumed it was because ratings were not doing well in japan. I did watch bleach, and I was hooked on it, however, i did not remain a loyal viewer. I cannot remember why. Life got busy, or I just forgot, and eventually got to lazy to figure out where I left off. I guess what I am saying is, I would not go over a million moons for bleach, but I would go over a million suns for fairy tail ( if that makes sense at all..)
      I am just so saddened that the ratings are not doing well.
      who knows, I will just wallow in my sadness until I hear fabulous news of fairy tail coming back…

    2. M.K.

      The only probable reason for both fairytail and bleach being paused is because tite and hiro didn’t want their awesome fans to go through filler arcs and hiro has been doing a pretty good job with that but tite is probably way over his limits and that is the most sensible explanation.?

  15. Emylee Snow


    When I first learned that Fairy Tail was going to be canceled, I lost it. I have a very emotional attachment to this anime, and I am sure all the loyal viewers as well. I have taken comfort in the anime having lost my mom five years ago now. When my father past away in may, I took and even more attachment to it. Fairy tail is full of love and family, and the bond that I am so deprived of from my parents. When I started watching this anime, I still had my dad, but felt as if he was going to be taken away from me within a couple years, at best. Unfortunately, I lost him sooner than anyone could have imagined. Fairy tail is my family, and as far as I am concerned even That entire guild lives within my heart and I take them with me where ever I go. I always refer friends, and people I meet to this particular anime. Now, this this poster showing Sting and Natsu with the information provided (and I do apologize if someone has already said this…) kind of makes me think that there will be a battle between those two characters, and that possible the new Fairy Tail will shift into this new anime that might go into more of Stings world. Maybe that is just me getting my hopes that fairy tail isn’t completely gone, and that hopefully it will come back. I do know, I do not really care about sting and his origins, at least not as much as I care for Fairy tail, and everyone within the guild. Finally, I give my thanks to all the creators and animators Who allowed the manga of fairy tail, and the anime of fairy tail to be in this world. I never thought I could have so much love for an anime. I have always loved ever since I learned of it, but Never this much… never on a personal level.
    Anyways, thank you for the time you have taken to listen to speal… or rather, read it.


    1. Tetra

      i feel the same way -minus deceased parents, i frickin’ love fiary tail. ill cry like juvia if its really being canceled!

    2. mahnoor afridi

      emylee I really feel sorry for you that your father past away , I really wish that you live happily and have a great family just like fairy tail :-) god bless you best of luck :-) there is one more thing that I really want to say please don’t mind it okay , its just that I really want you and other non-muslim people to become muslims because there is no heaven for non-muslims and they will be held in hell forever and what I am saying is 100% true ,
      I am really sorry if you or anybody else don’t like my comment then please :-( forgive me cuz whatever I am saying is the truth believe me and try to search information about Islam (the religion of muslims) and I am saying it once again please don’t hate me if you don’t like it then it is in your own hand that you chose heaven or hell ” I AM REALLY SORRY ” for saying such a thing well I didn’t meant to make you people upset I want you people to be saved from hell thats all , I am really thankful to you that you read my comment , please don’t hate me okay ;-) ” I wish the best of luck for all of you ” , please please please believe me and search about “Islam” on internet I hope then you will be able to understand what I want to say to you people okay I am saying it cuz I am muslim myself :-)
      everyone ” LIVE LONG LIFE ” with full of happiness :-)

  16. AshK1980

    I have a feeling it’s more to do with the Anime catching up to the Manga than anything else. You can’t have an Anime catch up to the Manga and have the Anime/Manga remain popular. That’s the reason why Hiro created the Key of the Starry Skies Filler Arc, it was because of the Anime catching up to the Manga. I have a feeling the reason for the Anime getting canceled or put on hiatus is because of it’s proximity to the Manga. If it ends and doesn’t come back, it ends and doesn’t come back. If it ends and comes back later, then it ends and comes back later. The Anime can never catch up to the Manga because the Fairy Tail Anime is based off of the Fairy Tail Manga. That’s just my feeling on it anyway.

  17. FairyTailLover

    *sobbing* why i love fairy tail with my heart and its going to be cancelled on the 30th. If its going to be back in the summer, I will be waiting till it will be back. :’)

  18. karina

    I really hope they do bring back the show during the summer. When i heard they were going to cancel it, my day was just ruined, hopefully the rumor is true though about taking a break /:

  19. Anil

    what is happening with this animation world. first naruto gets too much of fillers. second bleach gets over. now this ….

    1. 101nemesis

      Naruto fillers are to be expected. it’s too close to where the series is in the manga. It’s better to put fillers now than putting it right in between the fights. That’s the problem that happened with Bleach. The fight with Aizen from episode 290 to 310 had about 10 fillers mixed within it which pissed people off.

  20. kentendo

    Dammit, I was annoyed when they stopped Rave Mashima’s earlier work… now they’ve decided to stop FT just as it was looking to step it up… at least the manga will continue… but these coporate idiots axed it for no apparent reason… it has been very popular and is growing so we’ll just cancel it great… so so very annoyed by this… guess we’re gonna have more ridiculous robot type anime’s to replace the likes of Bleach and FT

  21. alter

    i will not agree to this term i think i’ll go and visit them in japan and give them my opinion on all this bullshit about ending the series then donate some money to continue the series.

  22. Kat

    I love both the anime and the manga, I believe that the Manga will continue, and later the anime will start back up once again. Just to let the manga get ahead a little, that’s what I believe but as long as the manga is going to continue, I can live with that. :) But until then, I want to see what this Driland anime is about.

    1. 101nemesis

      Fairy Tail anime is badly received whereas Bleach anime has always been hailed as a spectacular show (150 filler episodes aside). -_-

    2. mirako

      I really really like fairy tail but compared to bleach I don’t like it that much . Well hiro mashima as you can see people want to see fairy tail sooo badly , so please please please don’t end it ,
      I really really like fairy tail , my tears :'( were coming out of my eyes :-( when bleach was ended :-( , so I don’t want to waste any more of my tears :'(:'( on fairy tail ending :-(:'(:'(:'(:'(

  23. Fairy Tail Lover

    That sucks. That completely sucks. I love Fairy Tail, and I don’t see how it could be canceled. It’s not budget, since it’s being replaced with an equally expensive anime (as far as I know. It is most likely cheaper.) If anything, it’s a bad decision, since many fans will both hate Driland and give it bad publicity. On the other hand, it is most likely on hiatus, because, as it has been stated many times before, catching up to the manga. It is most likely not an April’s Fools Day joke, as it is nearly a month early and not something Hiro would want to risk on a whim like that. The only thing we can do is hope it’s on hiatus, or the manga continues, or the Fairy Tail anime is picked up by another company with the same workers and conditions and such.

  24. Zecks

    All great things must come to an end. I aint gonna speculate just observe what HIro has to say on the 30th. Fairy Tail is the best anime around even the filler, the release of the movie makes it more so. Yet no industry is recession proof and Japan has been in recession before 2008 so if the country’s finance sector is in shambles no capita can be allocated to entertainment shows and wiv a overburdened and highly competitive industry that anime is fund allocation will go into new and cost effective shows. 12 episodes are monumentally cheap than 170+ episodes wiv no set end. So I’m not supprised it happened to FT though I taught Naruto would hae bitten the dust before FT wat wiv 400+ episodes of “have to bring sasuke back” horse manure. But it is wat it is, I luv FT but I dnt have a million spare to fund a single episode. If it comes back like Bleach will eventually do fine cuz I have 170+ episodes to enjoy in the meantime. If not FT thank you for the great times, you lifted me up when i was down, I cried when u cried its been a great journey together sad we have to go our separate ways but I hope that someday that our roads will join together and allow to journey onwards, though we are apart you will always be in my heart and thoughts. Until such a time so long FT.

  25. bluchimera

    force ending? Nooooo!!!!
    thought everything has to end, still there should be an acceptable reason

    i just hope fairy tail will come back SOOOON coz’ there’s still a lot of UNSOLVED (chuva) in the story >.<

    or maybe its for the 'manga' sake to end the tv series hehehe… i just hope its just it…

    1. Warmandude

      The anime was bad for you, maybe, but there are a lot of people (including me) that really loved it. And to be honest, I kind of liked it better than the manga, which is why I’m pretty pissed that they’re doing this.

    2. Hoe


      Reply ↓

  26. zejB.

    UHG! we have a lot of fairy tail fans at our school and we were sad about this news. I guess we must think positive :D They cancelled FT without thinking there are a bunch of FT fans out there. I guess driland is an awesome anime but I guess Fairy tail is better FOR ME. I hope that fairy tail will not end. Well, Thats all I can say. :)

    1. 101nemesis

      Could be. Since it was close to where the manga was, maybe the animators decided to not put fillers and cancel the anime now so that the manga can get ahead. This is just speculation though.

  27. Roar

    Dont worry I have a friend that his dad is in japan working for a anime company. His dad told it will continue in 2013 although the month is unclear plus I know for a fact it will continue because natsu hasn’t found igneel yet. So guys just relax they stopped it because it catched up to the manga and they need the manga to go ahead.

    1. Luca

      they stopped it in the middle of the best arc laxus raping his pops getting them disqualified lol . whenever i get into an anime something happens kuroko no basket almost faced being cancelled still waiting, watched 172 episodes of fairytail to hear this bullshit. im pissed

  28. AshK1980

    Anime: Each Episode is 2-3 chapters of the Manga. The Last Episode was From Page 14 of Chapter 290 to 291
    The Manga is at Chapter 322. 322-291= 31. The Manga is only 31 chapters ahead of the Anime. Each Anime Episode is equivalent to 2-3 chapters of the manga. The Anime is catching up to the Manga. That’s why it’s going on hiatus. The Key of the Starry Skies Filler Arc made the ratings fall. Not very many Anime fans like pointless Filler Arcs. Because of the Key of the Starry Skies Filler Arc the rating dropped way below average. In other words the Anime is too close to the Manga so more chapters have to be written before more Anime Episodes can be shown. That’s the main reason why they are putting the Anime on Hiatus instead of starting another filler arc in the middle of the GMG arc. Anime gets too close to the manga, Anime Hiatus needs to be done. The Anime will be back this year.

  29. FAiry tail freak


    edit: removed lots of characters lol

  30. Animefan

    How can this be happening!!!!!! For me Fairy Tail is one of the best animes ever made, how can they end it. Fairy Tail is in the top three best anime alongside with Naruto and One Piece. I really hope this ending will be only a temporary thing, until the manga gain some distance to the anime because this Driland anime, might even get good BUT IT WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please solve this problem because as a big, big fan of Fairy Tail I’m extremely upset and worried with this situation.

  31. Kuro-chan

    With all do respect to the studio which is hosting this telecast, getting rid of fairy tail would be(in my opinion)the most idiotic and upright stupidest thing yet.wasting time and money on driland will be bad for business. Hiro’s work is amazing.if driland doesn’t get as much views as fairy tail within It’s first few episodes doesn’t that mean your obligated to fix fairy tail up and put them back on air?sorry it’s lengthy but I didn’t say anything I didn’t mean.

  32. dean

    When you think about it it isnt that big a deal, ya fairy tail is ending and its sad but the entire series is one season and the ending of the anime is not that far from where the manga is now episode 172 is called the perfume dedicated to you and in the manga THAT is chapter 293 so it will end around chapter 300 and right now fairy tail manga is at 322 for the manga that has been translated and mabey a little farther in the japanese version so the ending of the anime is only about 35 chapters behind where it is now. so i hope the creator will continue the series after the manga ended because *spoiler* after the currnet arch of the grand magic games ther will only be like 2 or 3 arcs left for the manga series so that might be the reason for the ending of the anime


  33. remy

    This is so upsetting… Fairy Tail is my number one anime. I need my weekly dose of it. Please don’t let FT fans down and do something about it.

  34. jhamz

    as a FairyTail tradition, I shall count 1 to 3. Stop this non-sense or I’ll cast Fairy Law upon all of you trying to stop us (FairyTail lovers).

  35. Lia

    It’s a sad time for all of us. I’ve loved this anime since episode 1, and I even have tattoed the fairy tail emblem on my shoulder. I really connected with this anime, so for me this is really depressing news.

  36. AshK1980

    Keep in mind that for the Anime to continue somewhere down the line, more Manga chapters have to be written. If an Anime is based on the Manga, it can’t get so close to the Manga. Each Anime episode is equivalent to 2-3 chapters of the Manga. I just hope Mashima’s news is indeed good news.

  37. tough guy eh??

    Lol maybe if some rich kid out there that loves fairytail and sees that its ending could donate lots of fucking money. Start a fun raiser or something. # BRING FAIRY TAIL BACK… FOR GOOD!!!

  38. godcloud

    what the hell why do they cancel a great anime like ft and replace with this anime called driland….

    i hope this anime that wil replace the ft is a sure HIT because if its not …..screw the the PRODUCErs who replace the FAITRY TAIL huhuhuhuhuhuh T.T

  39. FT 4 LIFE

    Lol honestly im not even worried. Fairy tail is a great anime that everyone likes. I know it will pull through this. Look how many people are raging. They must be getting hell about it. I doubt theyd end it for good..and for people here who dont like ft you can go sit on your thumb because its a great anime. But all we can do is wait and find out hiros good news

  40. jessie

    it takes like 2 weeks to a month for a aruthor to make a manga book and it only takes like 2 weeks for them to make a manga episode so if they keep on making episodes theyll get to close right to the manga so no matter how you look at it they have to take a breck but i doubt that they will not put it back on the air in a year or 2.

  41. Big Will

    I am very upset that they’ve finished fairy tail so quickly, but I’ll look at the positive, driland must be freaking amazing if they’re going to confidently replace my personal favorite anime

    (who knows, might not be a budget issue)

    1. M.K.

      Bro, if you haven’t already looked driland up, I suggest you do because as far as I know driland isn’t even worthy of getting compared to fairy tail.
      P.S. I don’t know who is replacing all these awesome animes like bleach and fairy tail with stupid ones like that rock lee thing and driland needs to be wacked in the head to bring him back to his senses which would also provide revenge to all those who want it!

  42. kawashi

    I obviously haven’t seen Driland but i have searched for information and from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem very entertaining so i really hope fairy tail pulls through because it’s an amazing anime. Rooting for ya Fairy Tail!!!!

  43. Luca

    fairytail is the best anime they dont talk in the middle of the battle for the entire episode like dragon ball z. many complain that there isnt blood but yet 99% of women characters having huge ass tits you cant complain. at times i get angry because i think jellal and erza should just do it already same with gray and juvia. last but not least natsu should be with lisanna and not lucy just saying.

  44. teamdragonslayer

    I enjoy fairy tail for the most part, although a lot of the humour isn’t for me, I really enjoy the fights, which is why I could deal with the series ending in general but think it’s unfair to the fans and kinda half-assed and unprofessional to do it mid story arc, especially in the middle of this story arc which is the first good bit since tenrou. Inconclusive endings are just the worst, and not explicitly detailing whether the end is permanent or temporary is just horrid, the anime creators should just clearly tell the fans straight up whether they should be patient or should give up hope, and release them from anticipation limbo.

  45. Fairyfreak38

    Fairy Tail….ending…… I’M GONNA SMACK THE PERSON WHO HAD THIS STUPID IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Rhea

    I am thinking really positive stuff because I love FAIRY TAIL to the core of my heart and I need its weekly dose to keep me entertained every weekend with its sheer innocent fun, silly jokes and emotional moments….I just cant think my life without it so I think its just going on a hiatus like Bleach until the manga can catch over or being busy in its promotion in other countries or what so over coz cancelling it would be the stupidest thing for this this idiotic production companies could do.

    Below is a link to a petition mentioned to stop the cancellation of the anime. Please go thru it and sign for its the least anyone of us could ever do it at the moment with our hands tied up….. becoz at the moment I am simply feeling like going straight to their offices in Japan and beating the crap out of dem

  47. Lucas

    what needs to happens is that devolpers need to stop being soo in the dark and gag ordered and just be honest with there fans about whats up with there compnay/anime just be straight forward if its money say its money if its not wanting to be filler say that if your in between studios and having discussions with another witch it what it sounds like too me thats the only thign i can think that you wouldnt be able to say good news even though your pretty close to be able too the same thing happend with sekerie season two they release season one then changed the name of season two cause they sold they the rights to the firs one to fund the second one witch is fine but be honest with what your doing

  48. Dunit333

    This AWFUL !!!!! NO I NEED FAIRY TAIL !!!! they can’t leave it like that how will i know what gonna happen during the eclipse !!!! What will Happen To Lucy !!!! they can’t leave it like this they should at least finish season 4. No one wants to watch freakin Driland it sounds stupid. Fairy tail is much better maybe if they brought sean 3 and 4 to america they would have better sales. they should consider better prices for the dvds. fairy tail is the best anime I’ve seen yet. :(

  49. JCL94

    Personally I think they are canceling because it caught up with the manga and because they want publicity. Just look at how much people here are getting worked up over it being canceled! This may just be a ploy to get FT more famous. I hope it works because FT is one of the best shows out there!

  50. simmae

    So sad for Fairy Tail to be cancelled like this!
    Driland?! Seriously? to replace Fairy Tail? Nothing can replace Fairy Tail!
    Hoping Fairy Tail comes back.

  51. Silvio Brynner

    Because there is so much mystery to b revealed, like what’s, Lumen Histoire, Dragon King Festival serve for? Who was acnologia, what are the dragons coming to do? Zeref? The odd magic? Natsu defeating zeref? Come on Hiro!! Do your best!! All the teams of fairy tail making!! Please Don’t stop the anime I beg of you!!!

  52. SweetSoul

    fairy tail is my favorite anime im gonna be so sad if it ends.. i swear i cant thinking about the fact that they cancel it i hope they will make a break and put the anime back

  53. destruct

    one more day until it’s canceled this sucks!!! the show their replacing it with is soooooo bad. it’s a bunch of little kids running around going on adventure. it’s so unoriginal ! fairy tail was the first of it’s kind, and shouldn’t end at such an early stage of production.

  54. AshK1980

    They need to find a new Voice Actress for Lucy, and that could take 3 to 6 months. Aya Hirano was involved in some sort of scandal that ended her Fairy Tail Voice over career. Also, if the Anime kept going it would catch up to the manga in 10 episodes.

  55. Floryn Giorgyan

    If they cancel this show …i’m going to dieeeeeeeeeee :(((((((((((( ( well not really but it would change my life O.o)

  56. Valencia

    Saying that FT is cancelled just shattered my heart!!!! UGH it’s my favorite TV show. If it’s only on hiatus they should say that and not just say it’s cancelled. Very poor choice of words :(

      1. AshK1980

        They had to stop it because the storyline was getting way too close to the Manga Story Line. they will start airing the Anime again after they get through the GMG Arc in the Manga and start a new story arc. The Anime according to Hiro Mashima, will start airing again in mid-September while he is working on the next story Arc. Don’t worry, Fairy Tail is not gone forever, it’s just taking a Hiatus so Mashima can write more Manga chapters. Have no fear, it will be back in Mid-September this year. No worries. :)

  57. bilibull

    K i dont know about what you guys think but am pretty sure this a big april fools joke and i hope it is if not it will show in one week

  58. Zecks

    yeah the aya scandal aint helped much landin new sponsors. Shes not gettin replaced in the future either. it gt down to few basic things yet vital bad rating within japan wtf!, way to close to manga, though that could have been sorted by overstrecthing episode content. Mounting costs in production per episode with no new sponsors. So guess international fans have to suck it up and wait till it comes back in 2years time my guess is.

  59. AshK1980

    There was also that insanely long filler called the Key of the Starry Skies Arc that probably didn’t help matters either. So in other words once the 12 Episodes of Driland are over, they are going to have find yet another Anime to replace Driland. It will be at least 6 months before the Anime resumes.

  60. Akiraan

    At this point I’m less worried about wether or not it gets cancelled and more so about why.
    It really sucks when you can’t really help something you love, huh?

  61. TheParanormal666

    What the actuall F is wrong with those guys?!
    Why do they cancell it and dont explain what exactly is happening?!
    I searched in over 10 sites to get informed about it..AND BTW Driland sucks!
    it is just pathetic…you cancel it now?!now its getting so interesting!
    i am just worried that you will lose many anime lovers of fairy tail…just saying you know…
    Greetings from Greece

  62. ScrewDrilland......

    this is just actually ridicilous an amazing anime getting replaced for something most of the people who watch anime dont even have a clue about this is just the same as bleach stopped airing a lot of fans will be very pissed off…fairy tail manga is in the top ten most popular manga and it is one of the best animes out there the only way rationally speaking that this anime would have been stopped is if someone pointed a gun point blank to the anime makers head and threathend his family to actualy stop airing it. this anime what is replacing it looks really bad i dont understand who in the right mind would even bother airing one episode of that anime…

  63. Alex

    There is no blood ,,,so it’s really idiot ,,,,,How do they have swords but they can’t cut any human ,,, I am really happy for that . I wish if there is a new company will make it interesting and adding blooooooooooood

  64. hassan0297

    I just watched episode 175 and my “Excitometer” is at maximum.The dragon graveyard,festival of the dragon king,the mysterious person having zeref’s magic power,eclipse project!!!!Man this is awesome.And boom the anime has stopped airing.WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I hopefully hope they bring it back!!!

  65. AshK1980

    The Anime was getting too close to the Manga Storyline. The Anime will be back with new Episodes in Mid-September. Mashima says so. They need to finish the GMG Arc in the Manga and start the new Manga story Arc before they can make more Anime Episodes. The Anime will return in Mid-September! Have no fear! :)

  66. Anders

    Am i the only one who thinks that driland might just be another season of fairy tail? Naruto became naruto shippuden… they have been through an massive timeshift u know

  67. Glasses

    Whoo finally. they ended that show. my brother was hogging the computer just watching The piece of shit. Good riddance. one piece is so much better

    1. natsu

      man get the fuck out of here u are not a FT fan now i kno that fairy tail is fucking way better that one piece plus u asshole u didnt even watch first

    1. AshK1980

      How many times do I have to go over this? Hiro Mashima confirmed on his Twitter Page that Fairy Tail Anime was going to return in Mid-September after the Manga has progressed more. The anime was only about 30 or so chapters behind the Manga and at the rate the Anime was going, the Anime would’ve caught up with the Manga in about 10 Episodes. They had to take a break from the Anime because it was getting too close to the Manga.

  68. Ricardo ali Resurreccion

    I dont like this i prefer on Internet… Creating an anime this good then just stop airing that`s not cool you know …. FAIRY TAIL ..!! ..I..

  69. Aaron

    I can’t believe this!!!!!!!! Words can’t explain my anger!!!! This was my favorite anime. I just started watching it 1.5 weeks ago and cough up with and then to hear it been canceled…..
    I’m pissed! I don’t see they don’t get enough viewers when it one of the top animes! Omg plzz I hope it continue! :(

    1. AshK1980

      Fairy Tail, is taking a break so Hiro Mashima can make more Manga Volumes. He even has a new story Arc planned. It will continue in Mid September once they finish the GMG Arc in the Manga and start the new storyline. Fairy Tail will be back this fall. So stop panicking. They need to create more Manga Chapters before they can continue the Anime.

  70. belt

    i am about to freak out!!
    what the hell happened here…..fairy tail is the best so why cant you make us happy?
    and now iam totally freak out!!!

    1. Anthony Gonzales

      I’m right there with you I literally think that I will go INSANE … I wonder if there is a way to make a petition and send to Creator of Fairy Tail although I doubt it will do anything.

  71. M.K.

    You know it seems as if they’re replacing all these good animes such as bleach and fairy tail with stupid animes with bad animation such as rock lee and driland.

  72. Anthony Gonzales

    First Bleach is on pause and then Naruto …..Now FAIRY TAIL is CANCELLED…..I Think this generations anime is coming to an end….Well I guess we still have ONE PIECE, but its not the same because fairy tail had a good story…….WHAT HAPPEN TO THE DRAGONS WILL NATSU EVER BEAT ZEREF we will never know now T-T…………

  73. Luuuuuuucccccccccyyyyyyyyyy

    Whyyyyyyyy does this have to happen, it’s just starting to get popular in the U.S. Im at the moment still watching the anime, and I was really looking forward to a lot more episodes, what I think is: DON’T STOP THE ANIME!!!, and don’t tell me the manga was going to end shortly in the first place……………… :,(

  74. Tevin Knight

    I’m begging you guys please don’t do this. The grand magic games is by far the best arc of this show and you can’t cancel it mid arc especially with such a powerful episode like 175. This show is amazing DO NO DO THIS

  75. natsu

    Man man man y yy y yy y are u guy canceling it (cant spell) it the best anime in the universe i would go crazy just for it the anime called Driland is freakin gay i watched the theme song and im like this shit is gay man

  76. carlyle

    Dude WHAT THE HELL!!
    Fairytail was just starting to become more hot by every episode!
    Right now you made me feel empty inside!

    1. Klaus

      No need to feel empty inside. But I agree, the episodes finally got interesting like who will win the GMG and what is project eclipse and then they just had to cancel it.

  77. Mystogan

    Fairy Tail Can’t end now!!!! Its the top most anime that had my emotions well up. I always feel like Im in the anime!!!!!!! This is freaking stupid… </3

  78. Tj

    OMG. It was the best anime I watched it was the only anime that I looked forward to its a lot better than Naruto and I’m really sad that it would end just after a big fight

  79. Domo

    Look forward to fairytail re emerging its not over and for one the manga is still ongoing so you need to take that into account. I just recently heard that they are bringing back bleach on air even when it was cancelled, the manga did continue on. I was inshock atfirst when I heard about FT stopping but then I thought on it some knowing that they were catching up to the manga pretty fast and maybe he has some other motive for cancelling it or it could just be funds who knows. Here are some suggested amines some of you might not have heard of zetman, toriko, freezing, elfen lied (last two explicit in many ways)some oldies but goodies trigun, cowboy bebop, outlaw star, flame of recca, ranma 1/2, evangelion , rouroni kenshin, samurai champloo, hehe samurai jack(gotta love it), shinnnnnnn channnnnnn

  80. AshK1980

    Are you kidding me?! How many times are we going to keep on complaining?! The Fairy Tail Anime is not gone, it’s taking a break because at the rate the Anime was going, it would’ve caught up with the Manga in about 10 chapters or so. Hiro even posted on his Twitter Page that the Anime is going to take a break so he can finish the GMG Arc in the Manga, then start a new arc with a new storyline after the GMG Arc is complete. The Anime was catching up to the Manga way too fast. That’s the whole reason why they stopped showing Episodes of the Anime! Wait until Mid-September, if Fairy Tail doesn’t start airing new Episodes then, that is the time to complain. Hiro has to stop the Anime so he could work on the Manga so it could finish the GMG Arc! Calm down people. It’s really annoying having to go over this all the time. The Anime is going to continue in Mid-September when the GMG Arc in the Manga is finished! So please calm down. The Fairy Tail Anime will be back. It’s just taking a break so the Manga can get further ahead. Please be patient. Hiro said the Anime will continue in Mid-September.

  81. Darkrocker

    If money is really the issue why don’t they just start a kickstarter? They say it isn’t so popular in Japan but FT has millions of fans around the world that would gladly pay to see the series continue.

  82. akio

    I cant imagine it will stop @@
    If it budget issue, i think everyone would help to donate little and it will be no prob.
    I hope it will not end.. Its getting excited though =(

  83. Janova Michaels

    They’re stopping the show at the worst possible time. Also it hasn’t even been going on for very long. 175 episodes that’s nothing, One piece is getting close to 600!!

  84. Macy

    It is not over, you all should just come down and be patient. Yes i admit waiting is soooooooooooooooooo annoying. And Yes, it really annoying for it to be cancelled after an awsome match like that. I just hoped that they could at least put the final match all teams vs themselves AT ONCE. If they had done that, then i would prefer it ending like that. But we all just need to cross our fingers and hope for it to continue. And when it continues, they better bring six episodes at once or WE WILL KILLLL THEM AND THAT’S FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your reading this producers.

    1. akio

      i will wait for it.. no matter how long it take.. haha! even when i get older, i will still loving ANIME! and Fairy Tail~ I will definitely watch u!

  85. Mallory

    I really really really hope that it doesn’t end even if I had to wait 5 years to see how it would end that would be okay I just want to have a conclusion! D:

  86. Smart4You

    Its bad to say but i think there is going to be a big population drop because of this anime being shut down but im also worrid about one piece its very close to the manga and if it shut down to i got a feeling population for anime watcheres is going to drop again but im sure fairy tail and other anime can make a come back eny time considering a petition might help in a way and other stuff because it will make profit and helps the economic so im sure it can make a big come back

    1. AshK1980

      Okay, you know what, people need to stop complaining and see what happens. Hiro Mashima himself said that he had to put the Anime on HIATUS because it was getting too close to the Manga. He had to stop production of the Anime because at the rate it was going, it would’ve caught up with the Manga in ten episodes. An anime that’s based off the Manga, can’t catch up with the Manga story, because there would be nowhere to go with it. The Anime Fairy Tail, will be back around Mid-September and the rest of the GMG will be shown in Anime style, also there are two more OVA’s coming out this summer. One that covers Chapter 298: Ryuuzetsu Land and another one that crosses Fairy Tail over with Rave Master. I wish people would just be patient and wait until the Anime returns in Mid-Sepetember. the GMG arc in the Manga is coming to an end, and Hiro has a whole new story line in mind. So please everyone be patient and wait.

      1. M.K.

        Dude I agree. The anime is just taking a well deserved leave of absence so that the writer can move the manga a bit further. So all those sissies out there who are complaining need to man up.

    2. Klaus

      You might be wrong. There are some really dedicated anime fans that can wait till the end of time to watch them. Fairy tail might be cancelled, but the fans seem dedicated enough to wait. I might not the idea of five years, but i am actually willing to do that if it comes to it. And i think that other will be willing to do so too. And as for one piece. I don’t have a clue, i’m not a fan.

  87. The Shadow

    For the first you will be upset, angry, sad and like to comitt sucide but dun worry you will be forget it soon (like bleach). and after that you will be happy….Oh God please provide new anime…so please be patient until you forget it… I Think Hiro Masahima will never continue that anime you will be watching Fairy tail end in manga because its near end this coming jun or july..

  88. M.K.

    This is not the end of the world. The only reason it is pausing is so that there won’t be another pause until a long time later and even that pause will hopefully not be too long. I am a dedicated fairy tail fan and also a hard core bleach fan so since both animes are taking a leave of absence I have two animes to wait for and fairy tail actually has an almost set time to come back but bleach doesn’t so I have double anime problems than most of you and I am still being more patient than all you impatient fools!

  89. M.K.

    The thing I don’t have in common with other anime lovers is that I don’t like naruto anime because the fights are dragged out too much but I love the manga because all the fights are fast paced. I like the original naruto anime but don’t exactly love shippuden.

  90. deucee9s2wylde

    Fairy Tail is coming back next Fall. So, stop acting like your world is coming to an end. Leave Hiro Mashima alone. He’s busy with the manga.

      1. Klaus

        The’re right, Lets leave alone to think and make more manga. Besides, the faster he works the faster we get fairy tail. and the only way he can work is for him to be left alone. Just be patient.

        1. AshK1980

          You said it! i am tired of all the complaining. I”m sure Hiro is as well. Go Hiro Go Hiro Go! I am looking forward to the next part of the GMG in the Anime! If I had more time I would read the Manga as well.

  91. hope

    thank you guys, you people actually give me hoe that fairy tail will come back, mina (everyone) you guys are awesome. I looked at driland and it sucks. please bring back fairytail

    1. Klaus

      I hope your right. it might be long, but who am I to complain. We are actually lucky that it is coming out this year. And no more complaining guys, I don’t want the time to be increased. At least they have given us something.October 12, we are coming for you.

  92. Crystal

    I have been watching fairy tail for a year or so and when I read this news I couln’t believei it. I though it was going to be like naruto having a break of new episodes because it wasn’t coming weekly, but this broke my heart. Beside when I look at this new anime call Driland, it looks boring and dull. It not something that I would talk about with friends or my dog about (and I don’t have a dog). I’m sorry I rather watch one piece three times or more than watch this.

    1. AshK1980

      Fairy Tail Anime will return either in Mid-September or October 12th with new episodes. The Anime was getting too close to the Manga. If it would’ve kept going, it would of caught up with where the Manga is within ten episodes. The Manga needs to get a bit more ahead of the Anime before new Episodes can start airing again. The Anime is just on Hiatus and not cancelled. Anime will return at the latest, October 12th, 2013.

  93. Cátia

    please don’t end fairy tail. it’s such a good anime. it helped me a lot during my depression. it always made me laugh. i’m sorry if my english isn’t very good, i’m portuguese and here in portugal we really want fairy tail back.

    1. M.K.

      Sry as I was saying the anime will last longer than the manga and the manga isn’t ending any time soon so dude, you have nothing to worry about.

  94. iulianos

    Why whould you replace **** Fairy Tail **** with Driland … Fairy Tail is the best anime EVAR ! … I hope they think about twice and relaunch Fairy Tail

  95. Logasi

    Well, I think that the anime won’t end yet , since the last episode said it is “to be continue”.But I’m not sure what that mean, and the episode 175 ending’s is very weird , the part Gajeel saw the dragon, it haven’t continue to say what happen to Gajeel.The other one is Jellal tracking the person who had the powers like zeref, he/she was about to uncover her hood, but we din’t saw the face.Although these weird parts are here, the final ending abt levy saying ” we lost to fate on that day” , this one is like the episode skipped so far already. So I am not sure if thats the future prediction or not. Because I think Fairy Tail had to cover that up or continue about the “lost to fate” part. But I just wish Fairy Tail continues the latest episode.Thats all.

    1. M.K.

      That is also where the manga chapter ends, but if you read on, u find out that *SPOILER* don’t read on if u don’t want to know! It ends up that 10,000 dragons attack the next day and the hooded dude is future Lucy and the one who brings dragons is 7 years future evil rogue, shadow dragon hunter.

  96. Sam

    Not Much To Say , It All rounds its self up in one word really the anime was legendary defiantly should bring it back was really disappointed to find out why it stopped after checking every week why there was no new episodes.

  97. Ushio Okazaki

    Helloo…. Oh, Just have faith.. that FairyTail will be back very soon…
    as what as the author said.. Be patient… I know…
    that our wait will be worth….


    I can’t even imagine that Fairytail really ends in episode
    175…. There are many
    people all over the world that supports
    and idolized Fairytail…

    there’s so many
    fans out there… all over the world

    and then it just ended..

    hmmm I’m sure there’s a lot if reasons…

    I really don’t think it just ended…
    because if it really ended, why there’s
    a manga? I mean, the manga is still going on..

    if there’s manga i’m sure.. sooner or later..
    there will be movie …

    so let’s be patient fellow fans of Fairytail!
    Me, myself also is a great fan of Ft…
    And i’m really mad when they said that

    FairyTail ended… but…

    I do believe.. Fairytail will continue…
    continue to live on…

    so… think positive folks~

    ;)) ;))

    Be patient and Have faith that FairyTail releases its episode 176 …

    1. AshK1980

      That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard from anyone. The main reason they ended the Anime when they did is because within 10 Episodes after the one that ended with TO BE CONTINUED! The Anime was getting too close to the Manga, also the Manga is currently only about halfway through the Grand Magic Games Arc. Even Mashima said that Fairy Tail Anime will return in the fall with new episodes. According to Mashima, it will continue with new episodes starting October 12th.

        1. AshK1980

          Mashima’s Twitter Account, not sure what the address is for it. Fairy Tail Anime will continue this fall, there just isn’t a concrete date. Mashima needs to finish the GMG Arc and then start a new story Arc before the Anime can be aired again. As far as I know it’s just a rumor, but Mashima did say that Fairy Tail Anime will continue with new Episodes sometime in Fall 2013. I hope it’s true and not just a rumor.

    2. M.K.

      Thank u for that comment, at least someone here is still sane, I mean cmon( to everyone else) why would he keep the manga going but end an anime that has become so popular! Now, If only there was someone like u who commented on the bleach is ending post by sunite

  98. Khalid Shadid

    Listen, firstly, Fairy Tail has not ended. I’ve got tons of proof for that:

    1) At the end of episode 175, it says “to be continued” which means it will come back.
    2) Fairy Tail manga creator Hiro Mashima CLEARLY said that Fairy Tail is not ending:
    3) The aime doesn’t have bad ratings, so it will continue.

    Now, the reason that the anime stopped:
    1) The main reason, is that the anime was getting too close to the manga, so instead of loading Fairy Tail with fillers (and downgrade it’s ratings), they stopped airing it. This does not mean it has ended; when the manga has successfully gone ahead, probably 45-70 chapters (or one year worth), than the anime can/should continue.
    2) This point is not from distinguished sources, but rumors say that there has been a problem with the Fairy Tail voice actress (supposedly Lucy).

    1. Zaigazorous

      Hey Guys,
      Good news, but don’t get your hopes up,
      I was like checking this site that has a lot of series and I was feeling sad
      So unwillingly went and checked Fairy Tail episode.
      No jokes here!!!
      But they are two problems I have with them,
      1) It had no episode number whatsoever, and it said season 3 episode 0 and
      2) They were no links available,
      I tried to put some,
      but I am a little preoccupied,
      it could just be a false alarm so don;t get your hopes up
      Cause if it is just a false alarm,
      I feel that you guys will start complaining and insult me in the process
      Well anyway check it out and try your best to put links,
      Put links and check it out and find out if its just another Fairy another Fairy Tail Ova.
      And if you like the website you can start checking out other series or animes that you like cause this things got everything.
      My only problem with it is that it has no links whatsoever so please put some in
      Anyway back to point
      Okay the site is i actually want to put some suspense just to annoy a few people (giggle)
      Remember guys dont kill me

      THE WEBSITE IS " http://www.btvguide.com/Fairy-Tail "


      Edited comment: was very spaced out, thus edited.

        1. Zaigazorous

          Well Have you tried. Besides this website is a good one. Its only problem is the fact that it doesn’t have links.
          Just try, then if its a fake, you can condemn it then move on whenever you decide to.

  99. Julie Wagner

    I love Fairy Tale. It kept me going as I was recovering from cancer surgery. I won’t get to see it play out no matter what. I hope they continue it, but it is a business. They have more than just voice actors to pay for like entire animation crew along with the film crew, all the business people involved and even the caterer. They have contracts to fill and commercials to sell. Google is being sued for people streaming which is allowing copyright laws. All this is not up to Hiro Mashima. He loves what he does, as all of us artists do, but we still need to pay the bills. Want to support him and Fairy Tail and all anime? Buy the dvds and mangas. (And yes, I do. I spend about $2000.00 U.S. on anime alone a year, every year). I still wish I could see the end and have closure.

  100. WannaBe NATSU!

    Attention Fairy Tail fans! Hiro Mashima knows fairy tail is the best anime made! we all know! so I will put my trust in him that he will bring it back. if any of you care for fairy tail you will have patience even though we all know nobody in fairy tail has patience. FAIRY TAIL RULES!!!

  101. luvfairytail#1


    1. Zaigazorous

      October12, not so long suck it in, Its summer find some other anime/manga to keep you distracted. And when it comes you can once again enjoy your fairy tail in peace. But complaining doesn’t change the fact that you have to wait.

  102. M.K.

    I’m not sure if I’m copying someone else’s words or not and if I am…. Sry…. FT is just one anime, a really awesome one , but fairy tail is still just one out of thousands if not more out there and just use some that are interesting to occupy your time until FT and bleach(if ur waiting for the TYBA arc to come out in anime), P.S. I would suggest blue exorcist, and/or mirai nikki, another P.S. I think the blue exorcist manga and anime are really different but I’ve read all of mirai nikki and just started the anime and this might be uninformed but mirai nikki anime and manga are very similar

  103. AshK1980

    This is for everyone who is panicking on Fairy Tail ending the Anime, it’s not over. It will come back October 12th. So please stop complaining. You people are driving me crazy. So please, don’t panic because Fairy Tail Anime will be back on October 12th, 2013

  104. luciano

    I want fairytail to continue they can’t just leave you dripping for more they made it seem to continue but it never did this is a mind bogling anime it must continue its to awesome its the best anime I have ever watchet

  105. Macy

    Good news. I just watched a fairy tail Ova that came out newly. I’m sure this must have been the website that Zaigazorous’s website ( a bit above) was trying to show. This Ova was about that swimming pool manga that was showed later. The fact that could still they still bring out Ovas means that they are no THEY WILL CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also the next ova comes out after the whole Grand Magic Games event which means that before they can bring it out they must show the end of the Grand Magic Games. Fairy Tail MIGHT come out faster than we think. This is good news, this is HOPE. But don’t get your hopes up. It could still come out October 12, but still the IMPORTANT THING IS THAT IT WILL COME OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am in Africa right now so the time is very different from those outside the continent. So whenever you get this go and search the internet and watch that Ova and get back your hope or for those who don’t believe me see it for yourself.

    1. M.K.

      Hey, again sry, my Internet is freezing but that ova has actually been out for a while but ur right the anime is coming back out pretty soon I think, I’ve heard that that’s why hiro mashima released 3 chapters per week the last 2 weeks(to get the manga far enough along) the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, or at least I don’t think, but hopefully it’s soon
      Source(s):twitter, if u already have a twitter and follow mashima, u may or may not know this but this tweet was released on the 11th of July

  106. Anne

    Nooooo this cant be true! Tell me it isn’t!!!! Hiro Mashima whyyyyy please continue it!! And I don’t like it when websites say this please stop also the manga is still on :P

    1. M.K.

      Actually it’s not ending, it was just a leave of absence, mashima said that the anime’s coming back but the release date hasn’t been confirmed, it might take a few weeks maybe a couple of months but as far as I know it’s coming back and as long as its coming back I’m good

    1. M.K.

      Dude, it wasn’t ending, mashima just wanted to get the manga far enough along so that that there won’t be another leave of absence for a while, I know this because mashima actually said so on twitter

  107. Beech

    I just want to know, although the anime was ended FOR NOW anyway, why the heck did they pull the entire series off of crunchyroll!?!?!?

    1. M.K.

      I just wanna tell u about the crunchyroll thing because I was wondering the same thing a few weeks back but I looked it up and it said that that was because crunchyroll only had a contract to keep episodes for a few days after the episode came out and since there haven’t been any new episodes lately, all episodes have already expired

  108. cursed2213

    I’m very Disappointed in this situation. I’m Ex-Army. I’ve been gone for most my kids lives. This Anime among others me and my kids watch together. It gave us something to bond over and talk about.
    I even got One Piece tattoed on my arm ! I was planning on this one as well but now I’ve got to wait. Please Start it up Again! I can’t enjoy the Mangas with my kids but the Anime makes it possible form to have sosomething with my kids……

  109. cursed2213

    I’m an Ex-Army Ranger. I’ve been gonemst my kids lives. This Anime among others have given me and my kids a way to bond. Its not easy to read the Manga with 3 kids….but we can watch together. Its really upsetting all these good Anime lose out from issue s us fans can’t do anything about. But all I can do is hope I get my Bonding experience back……..

    1. M.K.

      Worry not, bro Mashima announced that the FT anime would be coming back soon, hopefully by August P.S. while ur waiting, if u haven’t seem ’em yet, u could watch fullmetal alchemist or one piece mainly one piece cuz one piece is actually kinda meant for kids (know cuz I started watching it at tge age of 3)

  110. SZM

    Fairy Tail IS my #1 Anime and am extremely disappointed that is has been postponed. It is even worse that there are no other great Anime to turn to like Bleach (the show) being finished. Although being postponed, I have full faith that Fairy Tail will restart better than ever!!!

  111. natsu dragneel

    i like fairy tail more then anything else in the world. please,i beg you hiro mashima,please,please continue to release fairy tail.without seeing it i feel lonely.whenever i see it, i felt i am inside it.so, much entertaining.please,please hiro mashima,don’t let fairy tail to an end.every day i think about fairy tail.i downloaded all the 175 episodes and saw it.some episodes made me cry,gave me courage.so,please don’t stop fairy tail. i am a small child.my age is 10.please,don’t make me cry.if you stop releasing fairytail, i would cry everyday.please think of this baby, and don’t stop realising fairy tail.please.there are thousands of fans to see fairy tail.they are keeping hope.at least reach a maximum episode of 765.look, even bleach has so many episodes,but it is bad.i don’t watch it.i always think about fairy tail.i am hoping fr you to release more episodes.i have seen the episodes again from 1 to 175,but still i never filled bored.please,don’t give up,hiro mashima.i believe that you will again start to release fairy tail episodes within november.please,i will DIE.all my hopes is up to you.please read this comment,hiro mashima,it’s from my heart.

  112. Kendra Walks In The Wind

    T.T no. I love fairy tail! Its one of my favorite animes ever! They cant cancel it! Why would they do such a thing and put an anime I dont know? I think its a stupid mistake.

  113. Jannie

    I think that it´s kind of shitty of them to stop it in the middle of an arc!! If they want to cancel it then that´s fair enough (although there are a LOT of people that are sad about it (me included)). But i don´t think it´s okay for them to stop in the middle of an arc, like they did!! I am happy that it will be continued but they could at least finish the arc!! that way the wait wouldn´t be as long. We would have an “end” to deal with.

    1. AshK1980

      okay, the reason why the stopped it when they did, is becaus that’s where they stopped in the Manga with that Splash Page that said To Be Continued. They couldn’t wait until they finished the arc because they weren’t sure when the GMG Arc would end. The Battle with the Dragons is the last part of the GMG Arc then it switched to the Sunshine Village Arc. Please stop complaining and just be patiend. I am sick of all the complaining when we already know when it’s going to start up again.

        1. AshK1980

          Hey, I wasn’t trying to spoil it, I was just trying to tell everyone why they had to put it on Hiatus. I didn’t go into any detail about the battle because I haven’t read it yet. I just know that they already finished the GMG Arc and are trying to figure out when they will restart the Anime. I didn’t give any info on the battles with the dragons or anything, I really don’t see how that’s a spoiler? Anyway my apologies if you found that as a spoiler. I am just so freakin’ tired of all the panicking about it not coming back when Mashima already said that the Anime will start again and he just hasn’t figured out when it’s going to start again. I think he needs to find another network to host it since TVTokyo pretty much said screw you Mashima, we aren’t showing anymore of your Anime we are replacing it with the stupid Anime Driland because it’s more child-friendly.

  114. Animeviky

    Tehe… I know that most of u are bummed out as much as i am but i dont really care, cuase if ypu trully love fairy tail you would defeat any obsticle in your way and you would start reading THE FAIRY TAIL !MANGA! So pick up your lazy butt and START READING!!!

  115. Macy

    You guys. Something new came out YESTERDAY. It was an Ova called Fairy Tail x Rave. Check out your websites and try and find it. I watched it yesterday and i tried to send it you guys but my network wasn’t working. I think these are signs that Fairy Tail might come out much sooner than expected. And i have a question. What happened to Driland. I heard and this is only a rumor that it was cancelled, or that it just stopped. The person who said so isn’t the most trust worthy person i know.

      1. M.K.

        True, but atleast mashima confirmed that it would be coming back and I think that fairy tail would probably be back before 2013 ended, and one reason bleach ended was pretty much because it had lost much of its momentum because of the filler arc, gotei 13 invasion arc and the lost substitue shinnigami arc, but as most people refer to it, the fullbring arc, which was by far the most boring non-filler arc yet, and my theory is that that’s why tv-Tokyo isn’t letting it go, although the manga is really going well, but fairy tail’s momentum was still building and the only reason FT stopped was because the anime was getting too close to the manga and so that we wouldn’t have to go through any fillers, but ps that bleach thing was just my personal theory, and since FT has been confirmed to continue and bleach hasn’t comparing bleach’s and fairy tail’s stops isn’t really right, even though in the beginning there were no really relevant difference

        1. Sunite

          Yeah very true, i hope Bleach isn’t let go, there is a lot left, and Kubo is the man that will have to explain it all. Should be interesting to see it all animation and awesome! Fairy tail may come this year, not confirmed or anything.

      1. deucee9s2wylde

        I’m thinking maybe someone should delete this post so people would stop sulking over it. It hasn’t been canceled, only postponed. That fact renders this blog post null and void. So to save the fans all the heartache and distress, please rid us of this post. Thank you.

  116. Emily Mai

    Of course we are all sad but if we really love Fairy Tail that much then we should be patient its not the end of the world (even if it may feel like it) we all LOVE Fairy Tail so lets wait and see we all know that this isn’t the end of Fairy Tail thanks to Hiro and for the time being all we can do is wait for it to continue and hope that its creators realize that that Fairy Tail has many MANY MANY fans who are waiting. :)

  117. Alwitt Poitier

    This Freakin Sucks I Was Really Into Fairy TailtThat Was Like My Highlight Of My Weekends I Was Pissed That Is Only 20 Mins Long Now It’s Gone And My Life Has Slipped Back To Boredom. Just Like Everything Else Start To Like Something And It Gets Canceled. Bull Crap….!

    1. M.K.

      Dude, it’s not cancelled, it was on a pause because it was getting too close to the manga, I think it’s supposed to come back at the end of this year or the beginning of the next, so don’t worry,and this post really needs to be taken down

    2. AshK1980

      Why is this topic still up? Since everybody knows it’s not canceled and has been greenlit to continue, why are there still people complaining about this? The Anime was getting too close to the Manga so Mashima had to write more Manga chapters so the Anime could eventually continue. Will people stop complaining now since everyone knows the Anime isn’t canceled anymore and is still on Hiatus? It’s still going to take a bit for more episodes to be shown because it still has to be drawn. So please someone take this post down. People just need to be patient and wait until the Anime starts up again.

      1. Al

        sorry i just didn’t get to reading ALL the post on this site. but man that is a real relieve that there is gonna be more episodes of fairy tail… i am more than willing to wait…

  118. M.s.k

    Fairy tail must continue. We fans love it very much. It has been canceled because of what??? Drilard. Are you serious. We the fans would wait if we have to nod when I say this I’m sure that I speak for a lot of fans out there

    1. M.K.

      Ok, I’m saying this in the nicest way possible and I’ve said this multiple times in the past and the thing is almost every fairy tail fan knows that fairy tail will continue somewhere around the beginning of next year or the end of this one, mashima announced it around July, and every fairy tail fictional character account or anime in general type fan account on either Facebook or twitter have mentioned this atleast 3-5 times in the past so if ur a FT fan don’t worry about it, it will be back

      1. AshK1980

        Thanks for setting the people straight M.K. I am sick and tired of having to tell people over and over again that the Fairy Tail Anime is coming back. Thanks for the help.

  119. Zeref

    FairyTail will be back it says just calm down and patient infact they stop the anime due to lucy hearthfillia voice actress because it has sexual leaking photo on internet +they need budget to rerun the fairy tail.THANKS

    1. AshK1980

      No they stopped the Anime because it was getting too close to the Manga as far as Continuity goes. Since each episode covers two to three chapters of the Manga a piece, they needed the Manga to get a good deal ahead before they continue the Anime. Aya Haruno was banned from making any new contracts, Her ongoing contracts, for example, Fairy Tail is unaffected. I think they are still trying to create more Manga chapters so the Anime doesn’t catch up to the Manga again.

  120. Fearnar

    I’ve heard rumors several times this recurring series in the spring 2014.
    so i realy hope its true because it my favorite anime and in the ep 175 that ends the series i felt little to fast onward and i really hope its true and its will be at spring 2014 :P

  121. fearnar

    I have heard several times, some rumors about recurring series in the spring 2014 and I really hope it’s true.
    This is my favorite Anime series and I felt in the last 175 last season it was too fast and too open end and a lot of things were missing me …

  122. Dorian Allen Metzler

    The series is coming back; that is already confirmed by Mashima. Why are people still conflicting over this issue? I think it’s because (nearly) everyone is not taking the time to read and reacting purely upon impulse. That’s why the comment section is so long. Just take the time to confirm your suspicions rather than retaliating from the first thing you hear.

    1. M.K.

      Don’t freak out, it’s coming back, that is confirmed, and if u want a date, I heard some rumors floating around on Facebook saying that it’s coming back February of 2014

    1. Al

      dude really… the comment right above yours say that it isn’t cancelled… along with all the other post about it not being canceled.

      LAST TIME FAIRY TAIL ISN’T CANCELED! relax shish this post is really getting on my nerves. i sit by my email waiting for good news about the day it starts back and all i get is people too lazy enough to read all the posts and find out that it isn’t canceled man… this is annoying… can someone do something about this post… really like change the name of it… to ” FAIRY TAIL WILL CONTINUE AT A LATER DATE” or something…

  123. ode the hateful

    im really sad about this but im from america and they only have 48 episodes dubbed..
    so all you japs are lucky that you get to have all of them.. i could watch if japanese but i get way too attached to the characters and if they had different voices and different languages it just woldnt feel right..

    1. AL

      this is a site i found which has 121 episodes of fairy tail English dubbed i watched most of the way through with no issues, but there are some voice differences which i hated, but at least i was able to watch more of the show instead of reading the words more so then the show…lol if you encounter non dubbed shows then I’m sorry but you will have to either google or bing that particular episode for English dubbed.

      everyone please stop asking about fairy tail being canceled its annoying to keep seing these emails about fairy tail canceled and its really ya’ll asking the same question… read the last post before asking again…
      it isn’t canceled just on hold till next year hopefully

      1. Umm

        TBH i don’t like dubbed it doesn’t sound good and some of the voices are WAY OFF. And Fairy Tail will be back don’t worry it will.

    1. AshK1980

      This topic title needs to be changed from Anime Canceled on March 30th, 2013 to Anime placed on hiatus as of March 30th, 2013 Also the dub links are the Animax dubs and Funimation has dubbed the first seventy-two episodes, with episodes seventy-three to eighty-four dubbed is scheduled to be released on December 10th along with the Fairy Tail Movie: Phoenix and the Priestess. http://www.funimation.com/fairy-tail

      1. Sunite

        The news/post article I think will stick. Until there is more solid proof that Fairy Tail will be back is when I will create another post telling people this. I think that it will come back eventually just give it time for them to get ready to release some awesome stuff… :p iv heard spring 2014

  124. izanagi

    i think it sucks that such an awesome show like fairy tail tale has to be cancelled, especially when things were starting to get interesting

    1. Sunite

      It will be back, I have no idea how many times iv mentioned this but it will be back, many are saying that it’ll be back around Spring 2014, which it most likely will be.

  125. Teshan

    Personally i THINK that fairy tail should continue to a maximum number of 1000 episods.At the end of the episode it is said to be continued,so i think that you should hold your promise to us your fans i hope the serieto be continued quite quikly.if you don’t have ideas you can pick some from mangas such as dragon ballz or naruto however i hope that me and your fans will quikly have a good news

  126. Teshan

    A sery like that should have a good ending not likje that all of a sudden it’s like for example life stops brik brak in our present world

    1. Macy

      Okay, your determination is inspiring.
      But, if you kill him, who will make the new episodes of Fairy Tail.Jack
      Since it has been confirmed to come back this April
      The date has been confirmed.
      They showed it in the Anime.

          1. Sunite

            Lol, I know anime’s like Bleach and Fairy Tail, even if they stop the anime, the manga will go on and the anime will most likely be coming soon after that. Fairy Tail is back, just need Bleach to somehow jump over the hurdles and get itself back. It would be awesome to see Bleach back, would possibly make my year!

  127. DragneelNatsu

    Just saw the 175 episodes in about a week time LOLOLOL (no-lifed I know)
    But that’s just how hooked I was on the series :)

  128. Dennis Anderson (USA)

    April 5th 2014 is when it comes back but the guy from the previous post was right all the good animes are ending to damn early a good example is kenichi the mightiest disciple that was awesome but it stopped at 50 yet the manga is still going

      1. AshK1980

        Shouldn’t we close this thread now that the Anime is back on? Just curious. I loved the new episode. The ending was pretty cool as well, Lucy had longer hair, I am assuming the scenes from the ending are supposed to be in the distant future?

        1. Sunite

          Ohh long time no see :P And yeah thats true, I’ve put a message on the post itself to the news confirming and the latest episode. Yeah the episode was great! Hah you could say something like that about Lucy yeah, but if you haven’t read the manga I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you :P

  129. Ruzan J. (HiddenConstellation on Instagram)

    I’m surprised to know that the creator of Driland is the one who created Fairytail
    I can’t find a proper episode list or info on Driland and they haven’t released episode 20-37 which I’m really struggling with finding, I’m sure they released tho
    I wouldn’t mind if Fairytail ended at that time bc Driland is slightly better
    But seeing the current article in the manga I wouldn’t want it to end

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