Natsu defeats Sting and Rogue! Anime Ends – Fairy Tail 175

Natsu punches Sting Natsu smacks Rogue Gajeel finds Dragon Bones Sting's face smashed in Natsu destroys Sting and Rogue Rogue Sting Unison Raid Natsu smashes both Rogue and Sting Rogue overwhelmed by Natsu's fireFairy Tail 175 blows up with a great end to the anime, as it’s cancelled. Natsu shows us why the power of feelings trumps all and why he can defeat both Sting and Rogue with his own power, on his own. He basically destroys them even after using the Unison Raid! Many other mysteries are revealed during the end of the anime, possibly for when it does come back.

Fairy Tail 175 begins as Natsu gets rid of Gajeel, and wants to fight all by himself. Jellal hears someone in the stadium who’s got the same feeling as Zeref. Sting and Rogue get pissed off that he wants to fight all alone, just after he’s gotten beaten up by them. Sting and Rogue power up with their magic and attack, fortunately, Natsu stops the attack and Sting with the power he’s got. It completely overpowers him, he’s fully able to punch Sting in the face after his unable to do anything.

Rogue appears from behind and roars towards him, Natsu does the same and overpowers him. Natsu then tells both of them to come at him. He’s quickly able to fight both of them at once, he no longer needs the help of Gajeel, everyone notices and remind themselves how powerful Natsu really is!

He keeps on battering both of them as though they were just punching bags, they’re not even able to get a hit on Natsu. Even Sabertooth notice how stupid their attacks are getting. Sting and Rogue now change their moves, they change how they do thing and seem to be evolving a new attack, they both create a type of Unison Raid which is noticed by many. Their attack vanishes and is formed into a small ball.

It’s pointed at Natsu and both Sting and Rogue fire it, Natsu stays still and quickly out of nowhere unleashes his magic, which is his Secret Art, the Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Edge which seems to even overpower Sting and Rogue’s ultimate power, it seems to cut through it and get to both Sting and Rogue which causes a magic amount of damage on to the battlefield. everyone thinks that they may have been done.

Rogue and Sting both fall to the ground slowly, after showing that their efforts were for nothing as Natsu is still standing up while Sting and Rogue quickly fall. Fairy Tail quickly takes the lead in the match. Everyone quickly mention that they knew that they would be the first in no time, everyone notices that they need to quickly attack them so they can win. Natsu tells them that they should fight another time.

Jellal keeps on following the mysterious person. Natsu is congratulated on the win, they don’t seem to know where Gajeel is either. Natsu comes to see Lucy, she tells him that she always knew that he would win. We notice that Gajeel is walking through the underground of the stage, he quickly notices something awesome, this being a dragon’s graveyard!

Jellal keeps on following the mysterious person, we see Yukino being a person in trust from Arcadios, she mentions that she thanks him for asking her to work for the Eclipse Project, she also knows that he’s silently helping and saving everyone. Carla once again has the premonition of the castle and Lucy getting hurt.

We notice that Levy’s voice is speaking, she speaks of the day when everything is likely to go wrong, the 7th of July, she seems to be speaking from the future, she’s also very hurt and crying, she seems to be writing a message for Lucy. Jellal confronts the woman he’s been seeing, he quickly knows who the person is who they’re looking for. Fairy Tail anime ends here.

What an ending, leaving such a great cliffhanger for us to predict to what’s going to happen next, the manga reader already know, and we also seem to know that Fairy Tail Anime is going to be back later on as mentioned by the mangaka, hopefully we’ll get some good news on when Fairy Tail 176 will arrive! Nevertheless, can’t wait for it!

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