BANKAI – Zaraki Kenpachi

The wrath of the almighty Zaraki Kenpachi was shown when he went ahead and kicked some serious butt and enabled his true and awesome Bankai ability still unknown and unnamed. His Shikai absolutely makes his Zanpakuto huge and able to eliminate almost anything, his Bankai however makes him red and able to release a huge wave of energy powerful enough to level huge buildings. He even gains some horns and a much smaller Zanpakuto seems as a jagged blade which resembles a rough cleaver.

This fantastic artwork of Zaraki Kenpachi was done by leee666jack, who has a number of fantastic and insanely looking fan art. If you like this, go ahead and check out more of their work. Otherwise be sure to share this page with other fans of Bleach and Zaraki Kenpachi!

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