Glowing Souls – Rukia Kuchiki

Remember the times when Rukia Kuchiki was all but a Shinigami? The times before she even met Ichigo Kurosaki in his house and the times she helped him learn how to become a Shinigami. Those times include searching for Hollows and rescuing souls back into Soul Society, this fan art perfectly describes some of the moments she may have faced.

This image is actually an old one, in fact it’s one from 2015 but it’s one that describes love for Rukia the artist has. This fantastic fan art was drawn by sugarpotato who has a number of fantastic artwork which covers anything from sketches to sprites and so on. If you like this, go ahead and check her other work out, otherwise be sure to share this with other fans of Bleach as well as Rukia Kuchiki!

What do you think?

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