The Ghost Incident! Work Experience – Boruto 10

Boruto 10 see’s Boruto and the other class mans going on a workplace experience adventure onto different places where they can experience different things. Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki all go to the mail system where he’s thought how to deliver important mail, all while he looks for what he now calls “Ghosts” but doesn’t see anything.

Boruto 10 begins with Boruto trying to find what he calls ghosts with Mitsuki and Shikadai, they’re skipping class for the time being, they depend on Mitsuki to put in the sick notes but it fails when Boruto gets home. At home, he reaches to meet Hinata, then Shino talks to Hinata about his absence, later he meets with Shikadai and Mitsuki.

Shino and Hinata talk about how Boruto is being raised and how Naruto needs to pay more attention. The lesson begins as they’re begin their work place experience for the first time. They all begin to pair with one another, Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki all go the post office to learn more. They begin by delivering some parcels and spending a lot of time.

Boruto notices that nearby Naruto is opening a building up, to which he notices that he’s learning work experience. Boruto tells Naruto to leave him alone for a while. Boruto realises that he can do this quick and get more time to look for these ghosts. He meets the other classmates when he hears about something nearby.

Sai looks around at the sight where the ghosts could have appeared but he only see’s a small plant, he later tells Naruto and Shikamaru that it could be due to Hashirama’s Cells that could have caused this. It seems to be affecting everyone, they need to do more research and so go on ahead. Later that night, Hinata helps Naruto to pack some clothes.

They notice that Boruto has been seeking a lot of attention from them, seems like Naruto doesn’t quite understand how to deal with Boruto as a father since he never had one himself. Next day, Boruto and others get to work to find that they messed up, later hear that at the water purification plan, there has been an accident. Boruto 10 ends with them rushing there.

This episode was good, but I think next week’s Boruto 11, titled “The Shadow of the Mastermind”, will be better as Boruto has to deal with Naruto head on, which will be pretty good, seems like he’ll have to show his true self here too in front of Naruto.

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  1. Hopeless Nerd

    I was just listening to music and such, when I noticed it said there was a new post! Silently hoping it was your review for Boruto 10, I looked at it…..
    YES!!!!!!!! Thank you!

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