Boruto’s Dream! Byakugan – Boruto 8

Boruto 8 was a little late on my part because I just didn’t get a lot of time to watch it, nevertheless, Boruto 8 focuses on Boruto’s dream when he met one of the Otsutsuki members as he was told that the future of the world lies within him. All while he think that the eye he posses is the Byakugan, rather it’s something new not known.

Boruto 8 seems to add some important factors to the mix in what Boruto’s eyes truly mean. The episode begins with the moon as we go straight to it, we see Toneri Otsutsuki appear as he notices two bright stars which could indicate two different people. Otsutsuki knows that someone will have the future of humanity on their shoulders.

The school kids go to watch a movie when they meet the hero of the film, Evil Jammer Kagemasa who totally impresses them, the villains are defeated and the people saved. Later they discuss the movie and how it would be in real life, they know that it’s much different. They talk about Naruto and how he’s a hero, but Boruto tells them that he’s always sleepy and useless.

Later Shikadai and Boruto talk about what they should do with the spread of this demon, Boruto tries to think of a way to solve this using his own clones, they discuss what had happened and how it was solved, but they only come up with telling Naruto about it. Boruto wants to solve this problem using his own powers. He sneaks out and goes to get some food.

Boruto even thinks that his eye is maybe the Byakugan, but he himself doesn’t want to check with Hiashi because he’s scary. Boruto later dreams of meeting Toneri Otsutsuki and how something within him will give hope to the world, something that shall help him dispel darkness in this world.  Boruto wakes up and notices his eye has changed, he thinks that it’s the Byakugan.

He begins to act like Kagemasa but it doesn’t work as the others find it to be weird. Naruto is also investigating but, he thinks that someone is targeting Boruto, but they think otherwise. Naruto tries to go home but loses energy, Shikamaru has to take Naruto home, Boruto is home acting strange. Boruto reveals that he has a new power.

Naruto asks if he has stolen the forbidden scroll, to which he says that he hasn’t as that the first person who did was lame. Boruto mentions that he’s discovered the Byakugan, only when Naruto tells him that it takes a lot of training to activate it, to which what Boruto has done hasn’t come close to what is needed, even Hinata mentions this.

Boruto even goes as far as to mention that he’ll go to his grandfathers to see him. Naruto, Boruto and Himawari go to their grand father, Hiashi, who totally falls with them all over again. Hanabi also shows up. They meet up, Boruto discusses about his Byakugan, to which Boruto is challenged by Hiashi to fight him and show him. Boruto 8 ends here.

Seems like Boruto will lose hope in his Byakugan, even if it isn’t, it’s something new. Nevertheless, this episode felt quite short even when quite a bit happened. Still what do you think? Otherwise lets wait for the next Boruto 9, titled “Proof of Oneself.”

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