Zeref and Mavis’ Deaths! Makarov Alive – Fairy Tail 537

Fairy Tail 537 clearly shows that the pop and fizzle of Fairy Tail has long disappeared. This chapter focuses on the relationship between Zeref and Mavis and how their love has indeed contradicted each other and caused both to pass as they’re both about to die from their curse. All while Makarov comes back to life only to prove that Fairy Tail is a series where the plot armour is thick and unbreakable.

Fairy Tail 537 begins with Mavis and Zeref, he cannot move himself. Mavis mentions that he cannot forgive him for what he’s done to Fairy Tail. Zeref mentions that it doesn’t matter as he’ll just heal up again. Mavis talks about how because of the laws of contradiction, her life was taken away from her.

Mavis didn’t have enough strength to love, Zeref’s emotions against Mavis were nothing more then just passion, rather it was just contradiction. She goes on mention that because of Zeref, they met, saved Magnolia, Fairy Tail was founded, and yet she was killed and imprisoned within the crystal.

He hurt her friends and family in Fairy Tail. She goes on to mention that she loves him so much but hates him at the same time. She cannot deal with it, that is when she mentions that she’d like for him to die, but her thoughts differ. She starts bashing and punching him but it does nothing as she cries for him to never show himself again.

She kisses him, Zeref mentions that he’s so very happy, he’ll finally be able to get some sleep. A large light shows up as it seems that they both love each from the very bottom of their hearts that they both begin contradicting each other. Both seem to be passing on together! Zeref mentions that it’s so warm, and that even an immortal cannot best the unifying magic known as love.

Out of nowhere, we see that Makarov come back to life (can’t they freaking keep a dead character… dead?) mentioning that he had a dream, Laxus cries while Makarov goes on to mention that he saw a barefoot girl and a jet-black boy were playing ever so joyfully. Fairy Tail 537 ends here.

A somewhat disappointing end to the curses of both Mavis and Zeref. Although somewhat an okay death for the two, I would have wanted something a little more from this, it just doesn’t feel like a good ending for them personally. There’s 9 more chapters, I hope something good can be done in that space including next week’s Fairy Tail 538, titled “When The Flames Die Out”, lets see what happens next.

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  1. Satyam

    Kids , this is how you destroy a completely good manga . I think in the next chapter , everyone who has ever died in fairytail will come back to life ……yes , even the villains and then everyone will live happily everafter.

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  2. LPEast

    I have a lot to say, to get out my chest mate, here I go….

    First of all, called it, I knew it was hard to feel for Makarov “death”, once again proves Hiro is chicken to kill any of the good guys…but he will leave villains who have had tragic deaths, die without any solace, Irene, August and Laracde, unfair a bit??

    But let me follow up by saying, the Zeref X Mavis bit was nice, and I’m glad that Zeref has a happy ending, because I’m a big supporter when it comes to bad guys who have it hard, have a happy ending. It seems Hiro it starting to live up to that promise of giving everyone a happy ending, and 9 more chapters seems like enough in that regard, in the following:

    The only thing I want to see, is that Brandish & Dimaria get a happy ending together, because as I said before I’m a big supporter when it comes to bad guys who have it hard, have a happy ending. And I like the bond between them, and I feel really bad with how Hiro treated Dimaria. Sure they didn’t seem like the closest of friends, but you see a lot of dynamic relationships in FT. Sure she made fun of her when she got captured, but after she got captured herself she regretted it herself, and when she saw Brandish again in 494, she gave her a genuine apologetic hug, determined not saying anymore cruel things.
    So she had a right to be angry at Brandish because Brandish was committing treason, because she couldn’t bring herself to fight Lucy and Natsu. You could tell Dimaria didn’t have any joy in cutting down Brandish, crying over it.

    Deep down Dimaria is insecure girl, and I guess she really thought she and Brandish were friends, because its never like she said she wanted her dead, both girls were not good at opening up. (Shes kind of like a female Laxus). And it really wouldn’t be fair, because Dimaria deep downs wants to be friends, and I’m hoping Brandish influence around Lucy will see that, Dimaria was acting similar to Brandish before, they let their anger get the best of them.

    And it would be fair after all the stuff that’s happened in the past, where people have forgive each other, for stuff that was just plain insane:
    – Lyon for trying to revive a demon to surpass his master.
    – Gajeel for hurting Levy
    – Jellal trying to kill Erza to “bring back Zeref”
    – Laxus for trying to kill his whole guild, in a test of strength
    – Ultear killing Meredy village
    – Minerva joining a Dark Guild, after her Guild lost.
    – Also Gray trying to kill Natsu, because he found out he was END, even though END didn’t really do anything bad himself.

    Sorry that if I went overboard, but I just wanted to get this off chest, cause I feel for bad guys, especially if they got a good reason to be crazy, so it glad that Zeref Earns His Happy Ending, it would be unfair for Dimaria not to get one, especially after bringing Makarov back!!!

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    1. Sunite

      I agree with a lot of what you said, I won’t lie but Hiro has developed some solid characters when it came to some of the Spriggan, like Dimaria and Brandish, he did make them look quite awesome but in reality, they seem to just be humans at the end of the day.
      I also liked, from Zerefs perspective, that he and Mavis managed to spend the rest of their lifetime together, whereever they maybe.
      I think we should look at the type of Series FT is, it seems to have gone from a teen oriented to something kids would enjoy reading, the audience seems to have changed completely from my perspective.


  3. LPEast

    One more thing I want to ask, (it will be short) what was the point of Zeref and Mavis having a son, if there never going to know that they had one. It felt bad for August his death was tragic, but still Hiro is never going to have them find out????

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    1. Sunite

      Him being a child was thrown out from the story quite quickly if you ask me, his story wasn’t even that significant, we needed a strong character and the only way to connect him to the rest of the story was this, I think.


  4. railgunfan75

    The Zeref and Mavis aspect was really nice I thought. I’m happy that they found peace and the solution to the curse fits the themes of the series. The Makarov thing is kind of a mixed bag for me. Ok so he’s not dead, that is a common story trope which is impossible to avoid and at least makes his “death” scene from issues ago not as big of a mistep. I just wish there had been some type of explanation as to how he is alive like Mavis speaking to him or something. I’m cool with the path this is going on overall. Just some of the steps could have been done better. Still eagerly awaiting the next chapter!


  5. Eileen X.

    It really bothered me when Makarov came back alive. Like really? How many times has he done this to us now? I liked Zeref and Mavis’ ending though. It was really sweet. I thought it was kinda rushed (and the fact how Natsu just waved goodbye so casually and left was weird too) and cliche, but the ending was fitting. I just hope they don’t come back alive too, haha, or death is basically non-existent in this world.


    1. Uv

      Tbh i reread and rewatched recently but i have a feeling mavis and zeref brought him back that’s why he dreamt about them and kept thinking bout them


  6. Saya

    Oh….noo…..I really love Zeref……and I can’t see him die…after all, he is a villain though…..no matter what I just want him to be alive…. that’s all😢


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