Saitama Destroys Gouketsu & Bakuzan! Pro Hero – One Punch Man 75

One Punch Man 75 excites me to the max with how awesome and fantastic it’s developed to be! Saitama talks to Suiryu in an effort to see whats happening, at the same time other heroes and contestants have also seen their demise. Nevertheless, Saitama goes on ahead and fights against Bakuzan and just slashes him after not realising who he is, and then goes on ahead and beheads Gouketsu!

One Punch Man 75 see’s Suiryu crying at the sight of Saitama in front of Bakuzan. Bakuzan laughs at the sight of Saitama but then realises who he is and how he was the one he had lost his match to. Saitama doesn’t recognise who Bakuzan is. Bakuzan gets angry and launches his leg towards Saitama, when he notices that other comrades of Saitama are on the ground.

Saitama gives no attention to Bakuzan even if he’s hit by him. Bakuzan throws his right leg but it doesn’t do anything to him. Suiryu thinks that Saitama must be trying to protect the others. Bakuzan starts to mock Saitama saying that he must be scared of him and weak. Saitama gets punched but doesn’t feel a think, but then Bakuzan tries to use his Hell Dispatch Chop.

There’s a large explosion with a lot of dust and smoke, when that dissipates, we have a clear look at the remaining of what is now half of Bakuzan! Clearly Saitama has taken care o Bakuzan with just one punch! Suiryu’s face is shocked as it has ever been! Saitama looks back and mentions that he seems to have had a rough time, even after winning the tournament.

Suiryu thanks and asks who he is, Saitama reveals himself as a hero, a pro more or less. Suiryu asks why he used a fake identity, to which Saitama doesn’t know what to say except that he was looking for the Hero Killer who seems to be around somewhere. He uses martial art skills which is why he’s there.

Otherwise, he was there just to pass the time. Suiryu mentions that he’s glad that Saitama didn’t come any sooner because of Gouketsu. If he’d met him, he would have died because Gouketsu is surely on a whole new level. He thought he was strong but he didn’t know about this. We see the city and what else is going on, Genos seems to be all broken and being taken back to his lab.

It seems that Gouketsu could actually be someone to go up against S level individuals, that is why they need to wait and call for backup. Saitama is angry that he arrived late once again, it seems that it’s happened before too. On top of which, they have a method of turning people into monsters, which shall definitely increase their numbers.

Saitama asks where he’s gone, gets his position and goes on ahead telling Suiryu that he’ll be right back. Suiryu tries to hold him back but cannot as he’s so weak, he mentions that he’s surely on the line to die if he goes up against Gouketsu, hes too strong. Saitama goes on ahead without saying anything while Gouketsu regrets letting Saitama go on ahead because he finally met a real hero.

A large roar of sound occurs outside the stadium, a few buildings also go down, at the same time, Suiryu realises that the city is going to shit because of the monsters. It gets quite when a large structure appears above him, it lands it’s Gouketsu’s head, he’s been beheaded! Saitama arrives to tell Suiryu that he lied to get into the tournament, so he asks him to keep his secret.

Suiryu asks if Gouketsu was strong, to which Saitama mentions that he wasn’t as he went down with one punch. Suiryu asks there is a chance that he can be a hero, like Saitama, to which he replies with a “dunno” then mentions that if could do it then anyone can. Suiryu then asks if he could make him his disciple, to which Saitama says no. One Punch Man 75 ends here.

What a magnificent chapter! Absolutely blew me out of the water with this one, and Saitama as always gives zero shits about what opponent he’s facing. So damn crazy. Oh man, I can’t wait for more One Punch Man!

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