Sumire’s Stalker! Love & Potato Chips – Boruto 7

Boruto 7 see’s an episode all about Chocho, we see the power of love and potato chips come to fruition when Magire Kakuremino follows and stalks Sumire Kakeri to the point that the demon aura shows up on him and goes crazy trying to get Sumire trying to go on a date with him.

Boruto 7 begins as Boruto tries to explain to Shikadai what he can see and what they think their purpose might be, especially as everything goes wrong. On top of which, Sarada, Chocho and Sumire are all walking when someone gets too close to them, but disappears. Later we see how Chocho seems to have a stalker and how she doesn’t like it.

They later go get some crisps from the shop. Chocho finds some ones that she doesn’t really like, she finds them too sweet, as no one buys it, it seems like they also need to be tasted. Magire is quickly found stalking them, he’s shy and doesn’t talk to them properly. On top of which, Chocho thinks that he likes her, but in fact he reveals that he actually likes Sumire.

He asks her out, but she rejects him. Magire runs away and so the day goes on normally. Later on, at school they get weird messages and abnormal things like paper saying that he’s looking at her, creepy stuff. Out of nowhere, we see Sumire get targeted by Magire. It seems like he wants to spend time with her. He even takes her to the top floor.

It seems like the demon aura has taken up on him, Mitsuki also notices this as Magire goes crazy as he goes invincible and starts attacking Boruto and Shikadai. Chocho screams at him and tries to relate to him using her own potato crisps. He somehow manages to get into normal state and the demon aura stops, he also collapses with no chakra afterwards.

Later he’s taken to the nurses room. Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki discuss how they could potentially be detected and what could have been causing this. On top of which, Boruto asks if it’s some sort of chakra manifestation. Naruto and others also know a little about this. While Mitsuki talks to someone about Boruto. Boruto 7 ends here.

It seems that these episodes are becoming somewhat one-dimensional, although quite interesting. Nevertheless, it seems like it’s developing quite nicely. Next week’s Boruto 8, titled “The Dream’s Revelation” see’s Boruto and a few things about his eye, we also get to see more of Naruto!

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  1. Hopeless Nerd

    Thanks for your reviews! They’re the highlight of my day!!! I just started and when I saw one of your post I was like “Finally! Something good!!!” Thanks:)

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  2. nectarinia

    YES, MORE CHOUCHO! I think she got many fans because her appearance in Naruto Gaiden quite interesting (even more interesting than Uchiha drama)

    By the way, who is the writer of Boruto anime? The characters are seems inconsistent at times…


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