Boruto and Tento! Friends – Boruto 12

Boruto 12 focuses on the friendship that both Boruto and Tento develop over the couple of days that they’re together living in the huge hotel they buy out. Boruto doesn’t like Tento that much but manages to grow a good and solid relationship with Tento over the next couple of days after they find out that they have the trading game in common. All this happens while Tento’s servant is planning something strange.

Boruto 12 begins:

  • with Boruto and Tento going to the Yama Manor as he seems to have bought it out for a couple of days. Seems like Tento is living a whole different lifestyle. Tento asks for Boruto to show him his Shadow Clones, which he does. He’s impressed but had previously heard that Naruto can summon 1000s of them. So Boruto tries to use his own Sexy no Jutsu called Oiroke No Jutsu which shocks Tento but that’s it.
  • Tento had experience of beautiful girls visiting his house so he’s okay with it. Boruto thinks that he doesn’t have any friends but mentions that Boruto is his friend. Tento mentions that he’s always wanted a ninja friend of his own. Then shows his own collection of ENS.
  • Boruto is shocked at his collection and how he collects them all. He even looks for a special someone, which he has. Tento even offers it him for free then mentions that he has all the cards except for Naruto’s Hokage card. Tento mentions that he has the Gisa Black Card which allows him to buy anything and everything he wants, even stores that have the cards.
  • In exchange, it seems that Tento wants to learn ninjutsu, Boruto agrees. He even mentions that he doesn’t want the card because he finds it to be much more meaningful when he can attain it himself. Boruto tells Tento that as he’s started, he cannot quit.
  • Tento trains on and on but cannot get a shuriken into the middle of the target. He mentions that he wants to become a ninja because his dad always talks about these ninjas, so if he became one, he would also look at him too. Boruto tells him that he will need to toughen up, if he can motivate him, then he shall also meet him half way in order to help him out.
  • We see Yamaoka looking for Tento, he finds him and tries to stop him from training but Tento convinces him that it was his own choice. Thus he lets him train him with Boruto. Day and night, Boruto helps Tento train. And out of nowhere, Tento manages to hit the middle of the target.
  • Boruto explains that he must train, if he does not, he shall lose his skill. If he trains enough, he shall find something that he shall never be able to buy with his card. They play their card games when Boruto thinks of giving his Naruto Hokage card to Tento because he doesn’t have it.
  • Boruto also explains that he was also like him, in that he wanted Naruto to look at him, to see him. He did stupid things but everyone forgave him. Someday, he wants to become an awesome ninja that can support the Hokage. Tento seems to envy Boruto.
  • In just a few short days, both have become great friends. They hug it out. But someone watches as Yamaoka seems to have a different person that he follows which he’s reporting to. Seems like they’re planning on taking Tento as a hostage after Boruto is gone.

Boruto 12 ends here as the leader of the Mujine approaches closer and closer. All while Tento is in trouble and Boruto is about to leave. Nevertheless, it seems like Boruto 13 will see “Boruto vs Mujine” as Boruto will face the enemy to protect his friend.

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