Acnologia Transforms! Blue Pegasus – Fairy Tail 528

Fairy Tail 528 see’s Acnologia turning Eileen into dust when Erza and Wendy try to stop that, but Jellal appears and blocks Acnologia’s attack and uses multiple attacks such as the Grand Chariot. Acnologia transforms into his Dragon Form when Blue Pegasus’ ship arrives and bashes into him, it prevents him from attack as Ichiya arrives to help them get out.

Fairy Tail 528 begins as Acnologia enjoys killing and stomping on Eileen’s body. Erza tells him to stop it and not to insult the dead. Acnologia mentions that Wendy smells just like Eileen, seems like when she transferred before, she left her scent. Acnologia then knows that Wendy is a dragon slayer as she wields the power of dragons.

Erza asks who he is, Wendy knows the sensation and how he must be Acnologia. Acnologia begins his attack when Jellal shows up and blocks the attack, he then uses his Heavenly Body Magic  Pleiades and strikes down Acnologia. However, it misses him entirely. Then Nine Thunder Stars are used, alongside his Grand Chariot but Acnologia opens his mouth and gobbles it all down.

He completely eats it, it seems that Acnologia is able to eat all elements, but Acnologia mentions that he has no such things. He is the last dragon, the dragon of demise. He shall devour all magic indiscriminately. He is the evil dragon, Acnologia! It seems like his power has completely changed after Tenroujima. At the same time, he transforms into his dragon form.

Wendy begins to shake as she mentions that she has to do something, she is a Dragon Slayer so it’s her duty. Wendy powers up as Erza and Jellal tell her that they need to back up. Acnologia gets ready to attack when Blue Pegasus’ ship Christina arrives and knocks Acnologia down, then flies off picking up Erza, Jellal and Wendy. Ichiya mentions that they need to lure him away from Magnolia, it’s the only way they can prevail as he points to a new character. She is tagged as the potential “key” that could bring light to this battle. Fairy Tail 528 ends here.

A pretty good chapter if you ask me, seems like Ichiya’s involvement adds a lot to this, and introducing some new characters wouldn’t hurt. Further to this, Acnologia is involved, so it’s bound to be pretty epic. Anyways, next week’s Fairy Tail 529, titled “Teacher” seems like it’ll be a pretty good story of this new individual.

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    Well heads up I will be leaving more than one comment box…
    The part with Acnologia was great showing how much of a beast he is but I wish he didn’t transformed already, showing that Hiro is going in a rush. Plus the rest of it with that save by Blue Pegasus I just felt that was boring and the new character showing up and telling there is a “place” where they can defeat Acnologia…
    I just didn’t like hearing it, that just sounds like Zeref sending the dragon Slayers in the future was unnecessary I’d it goes like that….



    Also I just like to say those FT memories look annoying to me.

    Also I don’t expect anything too epic for me in FT right now, it’s not I have high standards but FT just gets a bit to predictable.

    One thing I do hope to see by the end is that Brandish and Dimaria make up. (I enjoyed the lesbian vibe between them)

    I know this seems out of random to say but I just want to say this and get over it.
    I’m the type of fan who feels for the antagonist especially if they need a form of closure.

    Larcade was loyal to Zeref and he wasn’t that bad of guy and Zeref just killed him while he was crying, that was harsh.
    Irene died without at least one hug from her daughter and then had her body crushed by Acnologia talk about disrespect.
    August died without any of his parents knowing of his true identity and he was a cool guy.

    I like to see Brandish experience with Lucy have changed her. After all it would BS if Hiro didn’t allowed that giving FT past of people forgive each other and a lot of them were for more serious shit such as:
    – Erza forgave Jellal for trying to kill her and killing Simon.
    – Meredy forgave Ultear for destroying her village and killing her family.
    – Whole of FT forgave Laxus when he tried to take over and nearly killed everyone.
    – And of course Natsu forgiving Gray for trying to kill each other.
    All tear jerking moments and I like to see at the end those two girls make up because it would be BS if they don’t. Especially since you could tell Dimaria didn’t enjoy cutting down Brandish and there is a difference from cutting down your comrade because your asshole like Brain, Zancrow and Jackal did or because your ally is commiting treason which Brandish was doing. So by all means they should make peace with each other.


    (Sorry for saying this out of random mate bur it felt good to let that out…)


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