Gildarts Defeats August! Larcade’s Past – Fairy Tail 526

Fairy Tail 526 see’s Gildarts discovering the secret behind August’s magic and how he’s able to sustain all the attacks, further to which Gildarts is finally capable of seeing through all these techniques by August and finds a way to smack him and defeat him with all his might. At the same time, Zeref kicks and tries to push Larcade as he’d like to fight against Natsu.

Fairy Tail 526 begins as Gildarts and August fight on, Cana attacks using her cards when August ahs to back off. Gildarts uses his All Crash but August is capable of escaping the attack and attacking both of them. August aims for Cana but Gildarts push himself into the middle to stop the attack getting to Cana.

Gildarts begins to talk to Cana about when he found out he was her father, all he could think about was her as her father. She’d like for her to stay by her side forever. Gildarts is stick on August’s staff, it pierces him, Gildarts runs towards August in an effort to take August to hell, Cana shouts for August to stop all of this.

At the Fairy Tail HQ, we see Larcade get taken down, we see Zeref kick and tell him that he has no son. Zeref tells Larcade that he is nothing but a demon from the Book of Zeref. He is nothing but a research project that turned out to be strong enough, thus was given the name Dragneel. Zeref gets angry as he was just enjoying his time against Natsu. Natsu tells him to stop.

Larcade can’t seem to move anymore. We go to the past where we see Precht thinking about if he should leave or kill the child in front of him, he talks of Larcade as Mavis and Zeref’s child. We learn that Precht had no one, thus he stole to survive. He met Zeref as a child at which time he followed and helped him.

Gildarts, still impaled on August’s staff quickly discovers August’s magic and how he’s able to survive all of these attacks. August’s magic is an instantaneous copying of magic, he is also able to render the magic of any wizard ineffective after being used on him. Gildarts now wonders why he would dodge Cana’s magic cards.

To which he mentions that he can’t copy holder-type magic. If August doesn’t have the tools, then he cannot copy it. August is quickly attacked by Cana. At which point we see August being attack by Gildart’s unique arm which is yet another tool he uses. He smacks him in the face and thus is quickly defeated.

All while, A younger Larcade and Zeref roam together, Zeref did no know who he was, he became his subordinate and thus helped him build his country. Zeref gave him his name and mentioned that Larcade reminds him of a certain girl.  This was the month of august, it resembles something of Mavis. Zeref did not love Larcade because he was not aware of August’s existence. Fairy Tail 526 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, but a few things still bug me. The defeat of August was a little weak, and the whole explanation behind Larcade not being loved by Zeref was also weak. I liked the hype between Cana and Gildarts, but that’s pretty much it for me. Anyways, next week’s Fairy Tail 527, titled “Compassion” might be something interesting.

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    You got it wrong it is August who is the Zeref and Mavis son not Larcade.

    All that assumption that Larcade was the son of Zeref and Mavis was Hiro trolling us


      1. LPEAST

        Well since Zeref created him it would make sense why Larcade would think of him as his parent since in some other series I have seen, that with artificial beings the closest thing they would have for a “parent” would be their creators


  2. Lovedmere

    The first commen is right it’s still August’s monologue when they’re going to the flashback of precht abondoning him. We got trolled. Zeref even said that Larcarde was made via the book and was merely just a body that was used as one of his experiments to revive Natsu. He bloody trolled us.



    I have to admit though Hiro played that really well with all of us believing that Larcade was the son of Mavis and Zeref.
    And this chaper does solve a lot of questions for me:
    – why does smell exactly like Natsu Sting pointed out before.
    -why Larcade doesn’t look the right age to be their son I thought Zeref created him with DNA of him and Mavis and created him years later. But given August elderly appearance it makes sense for him to be their son since it was less than a 100 years since Zeref and Mavis met.
    -plus I was wondering why August was so curious to understand the love between parent and child.
    -why August is so loyal to Zeref I thought it was the devotion of a crazed fanatic but it’s actually a son supportin his father


  4. Natsu

    Hey gildarts didn’t defeat August…like he wasn’t even on his power level and it was said twice in manga that August is the most powerful man.August sacrificed himself right after he saw his mother


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