Read Haikyuu!! (Manga)

You may have heard of the Haikyuu!! anime which first aired back in 2014 with 60 awesome episodes. But have you thought about reading the manga? Well, if you haven’t I suggest you give it a go. I finished the anime a while ago and began reading the manga thereafter. I found Haikyuu to quickly become a favourite very quickly.

Haikyuu PosterHaikyuu is awesome, the biggest its due to its nature to never take itself serious. The nature of Haikyuu is when a stronger and better team shows up where the Team of Hinata and Kageyama (including Karasuno). I’ll try not to spoil anything because the current arc is getting to a point where Karasuno will face some seriously strong teams.

If you’ve already been reading the manga, be sure to comment below telling us what you think, otherwise if you want to read the manga, go ahead using the link below, otherwise use your favourite manga reader:

Read Haikyuu!! Manga (not official source)

If you’ve already watched the anime, and would like to carry on from there, I believe the anime ends with chapter 189. So I suggest reading from 190 onwards. Anyways, what do you think of the anime/manga, be sure to comment down below!

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