Boruto’s Story Begins! World of Shinobi’s – Boruto 10

Boruto 10 see’s the end of Momoshiki all while Boruto is told by his presence where he can only see him that his Blue eyes will be the downfall of him and the people around him. Everything returns to normal as they all return to their villages, all while Boruto does some interviews as he prepares to begin his own adventure.

Boruto 10 is focuses on the everyday life of some of the members, I’ll try to keep it nice and short.

  • The chapter begins as Sasuke helps Naruto to get up, seems like they still have a little rivalry going as both try to get ahead of each other. The true essence of ninja never changes, no matter how much the times may change.
  • Boruto goes tot he place he used Rasengan on Momoshiki, he feels something when Naruto tells him to return. He somehow hears Momoshiki’s voice, he realises that Boruto has the blood of a Byakugan, Boruto tries to warn Naruto but time seems to have frozen.
  • Momoshiki appears behind Boruto in an effort to scare him, he cannot move as Momoshiki mentions that he can see the future of Boruto, and that his blue eyes will one day take everything away from him. Sasuke is able to notice something even as time is still.
  • Momoshiki holds Boruto as his body begins to disappear. Someone who has defeated a god ceases to be an ordinary person. Momoshiki tells him to follow his path.
  • Sasuke notices something suspicious, but doesn’t want to mention anything. Few days later, Shikadai, Inojin and Chocho all talk about the things that happened in the exams and how Chocho is talking about random things. They get a new mission from Moegi.
  • Elsewhere, Gaara and others his team are returning back to their village. Shinki realise that Boruto started out by cheating in a foolish way, but went on ahead to face against Momoshiki and win.
  • Gaara realises that it was Gaara that held Shinki back, it was not his fault Shinki mentions. Shinki goes to mention that he could not see himself winning in his situation. Gaara mentions instead of looking at the guy next to you walking, just walk forward in your own fashion.
  • Naruto and Boruto are home, Boruto wears his jacket which was a little ripped. Both go to their jobs, Boruto to meet his squad and Naruto back to the office. Boruto is also doing an interview. Boruto is asked by Sarada if he wants to be Hokage, rather he wants to become like Sasuke and help Sarada become Hokage. They have a new mission, Naruto notices that Momoshiki gave him a dot which stains his right arm when he take the bandage off. Boruto 10 ends here.

A bit of a rushed chapter, but still a good end to the arc. Seems like we’ll be getting some more stuff within the latest anime which shall be revealed very soon. Anyways, what are your thoughts? Go ahead and comment down below.

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