Natsu vs Zeref Begins! August’s Intent – Fairy Tail 524

Fairy Tail 524 see’s the battle between Natsu vs Zeref begin as they finally initiate their first strike against one another. All while Acnologia shows up and heavily stamps on Eileen’s body just for doing what she did to him as his mother. All while August takes a direct hit from Fairy Glitter during which he asks if Cana and Gildarts care for one another, implying the reaction and emotion Gildarts would have if Cana was killed.

Fairy Tail 524 begins as Acnologia approaches Eileen’s body and stamps on it due to her causing him to take him out for such a long distant. On top of which it seems like she was really the mother and the first one to to obtain Dragonification, he even mentions that she is his mother and her sin too. He begins to brutally stamp on her body causing her to bleed profusely.

Back in the Fairy Tail HQ, both Natsu and Zeref have their first strike, they both hit each other, Natsu gets an advantage when Zeref hits the ground hard. Natsu goes for a hook but Zeref quickly escapes and goes for a kick which is blocked but it’s strong enough to push Natsu back. Zeref mentions that Igneels powers have truly disappeared from Natsu, but he still has his own abilities and powers.

Out of nowhere, everyone senses Acnologia’s spirit power as they all mention that Eileen has been taken down and that they’re all in trouble. Zeref mentions that for the sake of humanity, he shall die as it’s his last chance to get the Fairy Heart. August and others also feel it. August mentions that if Zeref absorbs Fairy Heart, he can end this battle by killing Acnologia.

August defends Zeref by telling Gildarts that he asks for the sake of the human race. As August tries to praise Zeref, Cana interrupts by telling that both have suffered countless casualties, there is nothing he can say about justice. Spending their days laughing, surrounded by friends is something she holds most precious.

Whether its Acnologia or Zeref, they will not falter. She begins to channel Fairy Glitter, as she mentions that she is prepared to protect what she holds dear to her. She uses Fairy Glitter on August but after the smoke disperses, the attack did nothing on August. He asks if she loves Gildarts, to which she says that she might do.

Gildarts is asked if he loves Cana, to which August goes on to mention that every spell he has used, which includes all of them, he has still yet to comprehend one thing. The unconditional love shared by parent and child, he smiles and mentions to Gildarts, if Cana was to be killed in front of his eyes, what emotions would Gildarts feel. At which point, Gildarts gets pissed off. Fairy Tail 524 ends here.

A fantastic chapter if you ask me, seems like the chapter has gotten a lot darker, which is exactly what I wanted from these fights. I also really like how August is pushing Gildarts to show his trump card. Maybe, we’ll finally see why Gildarts is so strong in next week’s Fairy Tail 525, titled “Why was his Majesty’s child not loved?” should be good!

What do you think?

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