My Hero Academia Anime 2nd Season Premiers 25th March

Good news guys, the second season of the popular My Hero Academia is on it’s way! The second volume of Anri Takashi’s Boku no Hero Academia Yuei Hakusho novel is revealing that the second season of the My Hero Academia will premier on the 25th of March. This is a Saturday, the second season shall air at 5:30 PM on the NTV (Nippon TV) and YTV (Yomiuri TV) channels.


We already knew that Shonen Jump announced that My Hero Academia would be coming back, which I wrote about here. But giving us an exact date is fantastic because it’s awesome to know that this fantastic anime will be coming back.

Personally I can’t wait because I really liked the first season, if you liked it too, be sure to comment down below telling me what yours thoughts are.

Source: ANN

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  1. dreager1

    Most excellent! I’m expecting big things from season 2 since that should adapt my favorite parts in the manga. March is certainly going to be a big month in general with so many things coming out including my Birthday! At this rate, March will be the best month this year aside from possibly December

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  2. ayrgalaxy

    Yesssss!!!!! I loved the first season as well. I fell in love with the manga and when my brother told me they had an anime I had to watch it. Took me two days lol. Can’t wait!


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