Watch Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga (Anime)

You may have already known, but this post shall remind those who haven’t yet realised, but the second season of Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga (Impure King Arc) has already released its first episode. This time, we follow after the what had happened in the first arc, which concluded with the fight between Rin and Amaimon.

blue-exorcist-kyoto-sageJust so you know, the anime covers the life of Rin and his brother Yukio were raised by their father Shiro Fujimoto. The story begins when Rin learns that both him and his brother Yukio are both sons of Satan, when their father Shiro tries to protect both from Satan, he awakens the powers which were stopped by using the Kurikara sword.

Not only does Rin gain the abilities of a demon, but also a tail and fangs along with the deadly blue flames which can destroy absolutely anything. Rin sets himself to fulfil and become a Exorcist just like his father. In order to kill Satan, he must first learn the secrets he posses as well as control his powers so they don’t overcome him.

The second season begins with full force as Rin and his classmates continue on to Kyoto! You can watch the first episode below:

Watch Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga (Season 2) ENG Sub

If you’ve already been watching the anime, and have yet to watch or have already watched the episodes, what are your thoughts? Be sure to comment down below telling me what you think about the episode. Also be sure to share this with others who might enjoy the anime.

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