Momoshiki Fights! Naruto’s Rescue – Boruto 7

Boruto 7 focuses on Naruto’s rescue as well as Momoshiki and Kinshiki fighting the Kage’s in order to stop both of them from taking Naruto’s powers. While this happen, Boruto is there to help out Naruto while he slowly recovers and learns about what has happened from Boruto.

Boruto 7 begins with:

  • As both Momoshiki and Kinshiki try to take Naruto’s chakra, but doesn’t work as quick as he thinks. Naruto tells him that Ninja’s like him will always fight back against anything he tries to do.
  • The tree Naruto is stuck on is cut when the Kage’s appears. They attack both of them splitting them up. Boruto and Sasuke also appear. Both Momoshiki and Kinshiki are ready to fight against the Kage.
  • Boruto and Sasuke help out Naruto. Naruto notices that Boruto wears Naruto’s old jacket from when he was a kid. Naruto thinks that he probably made a clone with Boruto, while he finds it cool to wear. Naruto tries to say sorry but Boruto stops him and says that it’s okay and tells him to keep doing whatever he can.
  • Sasuke fights against Kinshiki, they gain an advantage when Kinshiki is caught up in multiple attacks from them such as the Chidori they used on him. They stop Kinshiki where he is and freeze him solid as he’s unable to move.
  • Sasuke goes to take care of Momoshiki, Gaara is also there trying to get him. Naruto tries to attack when Boruto tells him that Ninjutsu doesn’t work. Sasuke faces Momoshiki, to which he notices that he’s in a bad place.
  • Momoshiki asks if Boruto is his child, to which he notices something odd as he mentions that he seems to be shouldering quite an interesting fate. Even if Naruto has all this power, he has no way of passing it on. Momoshiki calls for Kinshiki to which he creates a fruit out of him and eats him.
  • Sasuke tries to cut him before he finishes it, but he cannot. Momoshiki explodes into a cloud, he upgrades his look as he grows longer hair and horns, to which has dark black streaks running through most of his body. He targets Naruto.

Boruto 7 ends here. Very similar to the movie, we see Momoshiki getting stronger here. Plus it seems like Boruto might have something hiding up his sleeve that he currently may not even know about. Nevertheless, it seems like this fight is just getting started, can’t wait for next times Boruto 8.

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