Kagura Defeated! Larcade’s Mother – Fairy Tail 509

Fairy Tail 509 see’s August telling Jellal about how Larcade is and the fact that only his mother, Mavis, can stop him. On top of Kagura fighting Larcade, we see his abilities and craziness shine through as he quickly shows his power and ability to defeat any opponent he faces.

Fairy Tail 509 begins with members of Crime Sorciere already been taken down, and all by just one person. Jellal tries to get up but August just pushes him down. August mentions that Jellal was once a believer in Zeref, but now he has taken a different path against him. Jellal mentions that he has finally obtained the light, something that is brilliantly bright.

He has found Erza, August mentions that his light is his justice, and darkness is evil, he mentions that this is all but wrong. August mentions that Zeref had a son, he had the power of light at his disposal. This child did not know what it was to be loved by someone. Before long, he lost the space between light and dark, he was thus in a state of nothingness.

He mentions that there is no good or evil in light, it is the same for darkness as nothing like this exists. True justice exists in love. Jellal forces himself to stand but cannot. Kagura faces Larcade, she asks who he really is, he mentions that his name is Larcade Dragneel, the son of Zeref Dragneel. He also reveals that Natsu is Zeref’s younger brother and his uncle.

Larcade knows that Zeref holds Zeref much more dearly to himself then he does Larcade, thus he cannot be forgiven. Larcade attacks but his attacks are stopped. Kagura tries to get him close and thusly cuts the mountain he is on. Larcade claps his hand and captures Kagura in his light, he begins to pleasure her but she bites her own tongue.

She was capable of inflicting pain to counter act the attack by Larcade. She attacks him with her Judgement but he quickly stops it, then does a sign and attacks Kagura back as he mentions that August, Eileen and him are the special exceptions. Kagura attacks but Larcade defends and attacks back.

Larcade goes on to show his true power after he quickly defeats Kagura using only a few attacks. He then begins to further inflict pleasure onto Yukino. August mentions that no one can defeat Larcade, the only one who can do so it none other then his mother, which we point to Mavis. Fairy Tail 510 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, seems like Larcade will have to somehow face Mavis to see if she can truly show him true love. Nevertheless, next week’s Fairy Tail 510 shall see what we now know about “Natsu’s Heart”, should be good to see what happens.

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    First of all, Called IT!!
    Second I enjoyed that talk August gave to Jellal, of how he believes light and darkness defy the concept of good and evil, when in reality that is shallow way of thinking. Because Zeref isn’t really evil, he didn’t become a Black Wizard of his own choice, and its wasn’t Zeref who had Erza and Jellel and so many other as slaves, it was crazy fanatics who were only obsessed with his powers.
    And he has a good reason for not showing his son love, if he loved him he would kill him, due to his curse.

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    Also about Lacarde’s Pleasure magic, there have been talk about it how it only affects to those who have had sex, but I don’t think so, I think its more of those “gave into their temptations”. Sex would be among the list, but it could be for other reasons, for Mavis I think her biggest temptation was when she used Fairy Law despite it being incomplete, or Zeref trying to bring back Natsu, and Acnologia, Zeref said he has the potential to defeat him, and with Acnologia, I think its when he went rogue in the past and went on a rampage. What do you think?


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      I agree with you. Laracde’s magic not working on virgins would be a be weakness and I don’t believe he has that. Especially if he’s supposed to be one of the strongest Spriggan. At least I think he is.


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