Black and White – Zangetsu

Zangetsu, Ichigo’s inner power, is known in two forms, the one which he manifested as Ichigo’s Zanpakuto and the Quincy Powers within Ichigo. The old man is known as Juha Baha’s younger form before he was old enough or strong enough to battle against Soul Society. Throughout many points in Ichigo’s training, Zangetsu appears and manages to guide Ichigo in the correct direction, from helping to defeat Zaraki to transforming into Tensa Zangetsu.


This simplistic yet wonderful artwork was created by RachelArabelle who has a number of interesting fan art from different mediums, one of which is Zangetsu in this black and white form. Nevertheless, the simplicity and familiarity to other pieces of artwork brings this to life. If you like it, check her out otherwise go on and share this with other fans.

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