Blue Exorcist Season 2 Premieres January 2017

The Shueisha’s Jump SQ magazine recently announced that Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc (or Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujō Ō-hen) tv anime series will premiere in January 2017. Blue Exorcist’s second season and Kyoto Impure King Arc will air on MBS’s “Animeisn” block.

Blue Exorcist Season 2 2017

The magazine also reveals new key images drawn by the original author Kazue Kato along with new cast members for the series, this includes:

  • Takashi Inagaki as Tatsuma Suguro
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Jūzō Shima
  • Kishō Taniyama as Kinzō Shima
  • M.A.O as Mamushi Hōjō
  • Kazuhiro Yamaji as Saburōta Tōdō

Furthermore, they’ll join the original cast of:

  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Rin Okumura
  • Jun Fukuyama as Yukio Okumura
  • Kana Hanazawa as Shiemi Moriyama
  • Kazuya Nakai as Ryuji Suguro
  • Koji Yusa as Renzo Shima
  • Yuuki Kaji as Konekomaru Miwa
  • Eri Kitamura as Izumo Kamiki
  • Ayahi Takagaki as Kuro
  • Rina Satou as Shura Kirigakure
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Mephisto Pheles
  • Keiji Fujiwara as Shiro Fujimoto

If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, you can watch it below, also a new promotional video/teaser will air on Tuesday, be sure to look out for it.

With the great news that we’ll get Blue Exorcist 2 in January, which isn’t too far away, there is a lot of hype building up for the series. I personally can’t wait for the anime after watching the anime so many years ago. Nevertheless, the latest season shall definitely be awesome. So what do you think? Go ahead and comment down below telling me and others what you think.

Source: ANN

There are 5 comments

  1. The Maniacal Book Unicorn

    I didn’t think this was going to get another season. Can’t wait to watch it! I’m really curious as to how the second season will go, namely since they branched off from the manga towards the end of the first season. The promotional video looks so good though! And pretty on point with the events in the manga.


  2. dreager1

    Awesome, that’s pretty soon! I’m looking forward to this one and I thought that the first show was pretty fun. It may have diverged which weakened it a bit, but with the events going back to the manga version, it should be hype!


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