Natsu vs Gray! Mavis’ Charge – Fairy Tail 504

Fairy Tail 504 chapter dropped early and its fantastic, we see the start of Natsu vs Gray as both enable their powers in order to kill one another. Natsu saw an unconscious Lucy and thought she was dead, while Gray wants to go ahead and kill END, the one who killed his parents, teacher and love. All while Mavis uses her illusion to charge on ahead.

Fairy Tail 504 begins with Natsu vs Gray, Gray asks if he’s END, to which Natsu tells him to get out of his way. Natsu mentions that he wants to defeat Zeref. But Gray mentions that it seems like he wont listen to reason anymore, to which he should mind his own business. We see Gray hearing that END is none other then Natsu that was created by Zeref himself.

Natsu looks up and mentions that he shall kill him, while Gray mentions that the enemy was right beside him. Gray goes crazy s he mentions that he will stop and kill Natsu as he enables his powers. Natsu attacks back telling him to get out of his way. Both begin their intense battle.

We see Porlyusica and others as they talk about Natsu and what could have happened to him. Thus Lucy goes on ahead to find Natsu and stop him. We also see Juvia as she mentions that she needs to find Gray. Natsu vs Gray goes on, we see Natsu remember that Lucy looked dead on the floor, this triggered his anger and potentially END.

Natsu mentions that he won’t stop, Gray mentions that he shall defeat and take his life. Makarov is tired fighting as there are too many soldiers. Erza shows up to cheer everyone up by fighting on ahead. We see Eileen’s eye in the sky, she is looking for Mavis. Everyone also hears her voice as she tells them that she’s looking for her.

Out of nowhere, we see Mavis as an illusion in the sky, she points to the place they’re attacking as she mentions that it’s finally time to take their HQ back. Seems like even as a spirit, she is able to show herself to everyone to encourage them. Fairy Tail 504 ends here.

A fantastic chapter as Gray vs Natsu begins and Fairy Tail goes on to find their HQ, all while Eileen is probably getting tired of Mavis and her antics. Nevertheless, next week’s Fairy Tail 505, titled “Trump Card” will see something wonderful, especially because of the name.

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