Natsu’s END Activates! Gray Approaches – Fairy Tail 503

Fairy Tail 503 see’s Lucy getting attacked by Dimaria who nearly takes her vision away, but Dimaria is defeated by Natsu who somehow manages to break away from Dimaria’s traps as we see that the tumour within him activates causing all the demonic powers to activate. Natsu searches for Zeref but ends up meeting Gray.

Fairy Tail 503 begins as Lucy wakes up to see Natsu, he’s tied up also just like her. She tries to get away but cannot break the magic-sealing stone. Dimaria is behind her, she mentions that she has restrained her so she doesn’t escape. She clicks her teeth and appears behind Dimaria, this time with  Lucy’s bra.

Seem’s like Dimaria will also take Natsu’s clothes, further more, Dimaria appears once again on Lucy’s face and chair, she points a knife to her eyes. Lucy is not afraid and mentions that if she’s going to do it, then she should! Seem’s like Dimaria is willing to take out Lucy’s eyes and make her blind.

Lucy calls out for Natsu when she gets tabbed. while after, the chair seems to have broken as Lucy’s face is covered with blood. Seems like her eyes are still intact. Lucy gets up and looks around to find a beaten up Dimaria on one of the walls, seems like she’s been burnt and unable to speak. Dimaria calls out monster, to which she suggests that he’s a monster.

Lucy is shocked that he could have done something like this, seems like he could also somehow move freely within her time, someone who can only do that could only be END. Happy appears along with Poly, Evergreen and Brandish. Brandish tells them to restrain Dimaria as she can get away by stopping time.

Porlyusica mentions that when she mentioned Natsu’s tumour, she thought it was Anti-Ethernano Tumour, but in fact it seems like it could be something monstrous and evil. Happy thinks that it might be signs of END. Lucy tries to go and find Natsu, but she doesn’t have a bra on thus she cannot go anywhere for now.

We move to Natsu where he cannot control his powers, seems like he’s leaking flames, and the surrounding area is burning. Natsu seems to be taken over by some sort of evil demonic presence. Natsu searches for Zeref but Gray appears in front of him. Seems like their fates have been intertwined and we’ll see a clash. Fairy Tail 503 ends here.

A pretty crazy chapter seeing as Natsu has gone crazy and Gray knows that he is END, will they both fight? Or will we see them teaming up to defeat Zeref? Seems like we’ll find out in next week’s Fairy Tail 504, titled “Rift” should be good, can’t wait!

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  1. rise

    I have a personal theory about how natsu END awaken started
    I think that during the fight with zeref when natsu was using the last of Igneels power against him, I don’t think that it was a power that igneel left within natsu to use, but rather a power that igneel left behind that was meant to seal the power of END. Cause right after natsu uses this power, the so call tumor formed.

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    1. Sunite

      That could be, maybe Igneel left it so it can keep END in control. But it didn’t turn out the way he wanted when Natsu used it on Zeref. At the moment, Gray vs Natsu will be epic if they fight.


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