One Punch Man Anime Gets 2nd Season

After the success that was One Punch Man, the team behind the anime, including ONE, Yuusuke Murata and the anime staff and cast, recently announced at the “One Punch Man Fall Festival” that the anime would get a second season!



There is also news that the anime series wound be getting a smartphone game app which shall be available in 2017. We know that Madhouse was the studio covering One Punch Man and it’s first season along with director Shingo Natsume, he worked on the first 12 episodes.

one-punch-man-posterWith this great news, there isn’t a clear date to when the second season of One Punch Man shall arrive, but I believe that it shall be sometimes next year, potentially Spring or Summer 2017. For that, we’ll have to wait and see.

I am personally quite excited for this as I really loved the first season of the anime, plus read ahead for both manga’s available, by ONE and Murata. So what is your opinion on this? Go ahead and comment down below telling me what you think about the upcoming second season, be assured that it’ll be another crazy and exciting season!

Source: OPM and ANN

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  1. dreager1

    I’m definitely thrilled! I’m finally caught up with both the manga and the webcomic as well. There are so many awesome moments for this season to adapt! I only have about 3 episodes left in the anime version as I’m watching along with the Dub and it was handled perfectly. It is certainly one of the greatest anime of all times and just comparing it against other 13 episode series, I’d say that it is the 2nd best of all time. (Right behind Madoka) Genos, Speed o Sound Sonic, and Saitama are just awesome and the other supporting characters are pretty good as well.


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