Fairy Tail 503 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 503 seems to be on track to see what happens between Gray and Natsu and their relationship. This post covers spoilers for this chapter, if you’d like to learn what happens, keep reading, otherwise stop as spoilers ahead.

Fairy Tail 503, titled “The Last Sight I Beheld”, begins as Lucy regains consciousness, she wakes up to see that Dimaria is behind her. Dimaria uses her technique to remove Lucy’s bra in the blink of an eye. We see Natsu as he’s also captured.

Lucy and Dimaria looks at one another, she glares into Lucy’s eyes when Dimaria tries to gouge Lucy’s eyes out, but Lucy’s chair breaks and falls on her back. Lucy is once again unconscious.

Once she regains consciousness once more, her eyes are covered in blood, but her eyes are safe. Lucy also notices that Dimaria is on the other side of the room, she seems to have collapsed. Brandish rushes there to restrain Dimaria so she doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Lucy wants to go try to find Natsu but she cannot as her chest is exposed. We learn the real nature of Natsu’s tumour is the source of the power of END. Natsu, who is currently on a rampage is headed towards Zeref, but encounters Gray. The final text mentions “Two people who are at the mercy of Zeref… their fates now violently cross each other!”

Fairy Tail 504, will be titled something like “Crack”. Seems like the fight between Natsu vs Gray is coming ever closer. On top of which, it seems like Zeref will have fun seeing his brother once more, especially since it’s known that Natsu is END, and the source of his power is the tumour. Spoilers by the folks at MangaHelpers. Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on this? Go ahead and comment down below telling me what you think.

Note: There aren’t any images at this point, but spoilers are out. When images are available, I shall post them up.

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