Gray Learns Of END! Juvia Alive – Fairy Tail 500

Fairy Tail 500 see’s Gray learning the truth about END and the fact that it’s Etherious Natsu Dragneel. Gray goes on a rampage against Invel where he uses all his powers to defeat and destroy Invel. Brandish helps save Natsu, Lucy and Happy but she shall kill the others, thus Natsu goes on to defeat Neinhart who shows up to kill them. Fairy Tail won’t give up so quickly or easily.

Fairy Tail 500 begins as Brandish drops Natsu and others in a safe space. She drops them and mentions that she is in debt to them, thus she has not kill them and turn a blind eye to them. She is a loyal citizen of Alvarez, and thus has no intention of betraying them. From this point on, she shall leave them here while she kills their comrades.

Dimaria hears this and mentions that she had trusted her before hand, but now she has betrayed this trust. Brandish mentions that the sheer amount of soldiers and skill level is something they cannot compare to, they will definitely die. We move to other battlefields where Ajeel fights Lisanna and Elfman battle.

Mirajane fights against Jacob who shuts his own eyes. We also see that Minerva and Rogue also take hits from other Spriggan 12 members. Erza, Makarov and others also alive and fighting. Juvia is still dead. Natsu mentions that he won’t just sit there and watch his friends die. We move to Invel vs Gray, Invel is shocked that he’s alive.

Invel gets hit in the face by Gray and smashed in the ground. Invel is thus forced to release his power which surrounds him like a armour. He calls it the Ice-Rending Diving Raiment which is made of ice from the depths of the underworld. Gray quickly uses his arms to attack but it begins to freeze, Gray doesn’t give up as he himself uses the power and ice from the same place which allows Gray to completely defeat Invel!

Natsu goes on to tell Brandish that he won’t give up no matter what, he’ll show how terrifying Fairy Tail can be too. Gray moulds the magic and completely unleashes it on Invel. Gray unleashes his Ice Devil’s Zeroth Destruction Fist while he smashes Invel to a pulp, he goes on to mention that he took away Juvia and her life, which is unforgivable.

Gray has tears in his eyes. Brandish tells them to recall what had happened in the island where they met, it was a complete destruction. If they even decide to challenge them, they will definitely face a crushing defeat. Neinhart shows up, he calls upon Lady Erza. He seems to be under Eileen’s Enchantment techniques which has made him even stronger.

He looks for Erza as he’d like to defeat her, but it seems like Natsu and others are in his way. Brandish mentions that she is negotiation with them, to which Neinhart unleashes his powers on her as it seems like she’s betraying them. His powers pushes everyone back, but Natsu rushes in while Brandish tells him that he’s too strong.

Natsu grabs his fists and smacks him, it completely kicks back as Natsu’s arm faces some damages. Brandish is shocked. All while Natsu mentions that it’s about moving forward and giving it your all no matter what. This is the one and only path to their guild. Brandish is shocked at how strong Natsu really is.

We notice that Juvia wakes up, she is being healed by Wendy, she thanks her as Wendy also has tasks that now Sherria cannot do, she no longer has any powers left within her. Juvia is quickly shocked at where and what Gray might be doing now. Gray mentions that he can pound him all day and night, but it won’t bring back Juvia, she’s never coming back.

Invel mentions that it won’t bring back his father, mother, or even master. Invel seems to know about Gray’s past. As long as END lives, he shall suffer. Gray mentions that there is no need to tell him twice as he will defeat END. It would be more accurate to say that he is the only one who can defeat END. Invel reveals that the true identity of END, the strongest demon created, is none other then Etherious Natsu Dragneel! Fairy Tail 500 ends here.

A shocked chapter indeed, with Gray now knowing of Natsu’s true identity, what will he do now that he has sworn himself to defeat END. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Further to this, I can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s Fairy Tail 501, titled “Mari and Randi” where we focus on Brandish and Dimaria, it’ll be awesome.

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  1. Michael

    Yeah, woohoo juvia is still alive… but for once can someone actually die and cause a major impact? You know, so you don’t have the constant feeling of “none of the main characters ever die. There’s no worry no matter the situation.”. Having that feeling makes it… Boring.



    Having Carla predict Juvia “Death” and leading Wendy to heal her, is the least ass-pull way to save her. But yeah, no way, he is going to kill good guys now, (I will be surprisoed if he does)
    I hope Neinhart isn’t taken out already, but the Spriggans I’m looking forward to are Irene & August, as well as Larcade, Zeref’s “Secret Weapon”, and Acnologia apperance.

    Looking forward to see Brandish and Dimaria, as I like the drama and tension between them, I want to see more of it!!!


  3. Amelius

    I believe Brandish’s loyalty is fluctuating(even if she is refusing to admit it) and next week will probably see her finally make a decision and result in a battle between her and Dimaria


  4. whocares

    The worst character lives on… Great, keep watching the anime now (while know about Gray and her and not another pair) ruined the fun. Stupid mangaka, ship the real love, not the fail and onesided one… Pls change it in the anime for 2018… ty… -_-


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