Juvia’s Death! Gray’s Angry – Fairy Tail 499

Fairy Tail 499 see’s the death of Juvia as the Ice Lock by Invel see’s both of them giving up their life until Juvia intentionally uses her secret magic in order to save Gray’s life. He quickly realises that he wants her back alive as she’s the one he dearly loves. After her death, Invel is shocked at all that has happened as Gray gets up and ready to kick some serious ass.

Fairy Tail 499 begins as Invel tells both Gray and Juvia to fight until only one lays dead. Both are unable to speak but it seems like Juvia and Gray are unable to think properly. She also doesn’t want to harm him. Both keep on trying to stop themselves but it doesn’t work as they fight with all their strength.

Invel seems to have calculated that Gray shall win, he will be the one to also defeat END. We go to the past where Invel had previously asked about Zeref’s pendant, to which it’s a picture of Zeref and Natsu while still small. He knows that Zeref will defeat Acnologia and Gray to defeat END.

We begin to see signs where Juvia thinks that what she is doing by hurting Gray, thus she finds it unacceptable, she decides Juvia herself should give up her own life in order to stop all of this. Juvia raises her arm and strikes herself. Invel is unable to predict this as Juvia uses the attack on herself and as she smiles, she strikes her body.

It pierces through as she looks at Gray. Gray is also shocked at this as we also see Gray do the exact same thing. He asks why she would do something like this. Gray and Juvia are both shocked, at most Juvia is shocked at what Gray has done. Gray mentions that he could never hurt a comrade, he could never hurt her.

Gray mentions that he wanted to protect her, no matter the cost, this brings Juvia joy just to hear those words. Invel is shocked to hear that both of them have given up their life. Both fall to the ground as Invel is flabbergasted that both gave up their lives. We notice that the snow begins to dissipate slowly but surely.

A few moments later, we see that Gray’s heart begins to beat once more, we see Juvia had previously used one of her magics called Water Make “Blood” where she had previously prepared for an absolutely worst case scenario in which she transferred blood from herself to Gray in order to make him live.

Gray tries to wake Juvia up but she had already transferred the blood into him, she finally mentions that she had done this because Juvia’s life will nt forever be only with Gray. Gray cries in anger as he’s unable to do anything. He thinks of all the moments, he begs Juvia to open her eyes. We notice that Invel was going towards Brandish when Gray appears behind him, he’s definitely angry as it seems like he’ll kill Invel to get her back. Fairy Tail 499 ends here.

A pretty shocking chapter, it seems like Gray will definitely kick some ass in order to somehow bring Juvia back. It seems that with Juvia potentially gone, Gray might be lonely. Unless Juvia somehow comes back, well Fairy Tail 500 will feature a longer chapter with colour pages, it’ll be called “Fire and Ice”, I can’t wait!

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  1. Lovey

    Is it bad that I think it would be better for her to remain dead and would make gray have some character development. Also kinda tired of everyone getting a happy ending.


  2. Mr. Deltoid Steep

    2 women who care about Gray have already died to save him. If Juvia dies also Gray is going to be forever messed up. Literally ever woman who loves him dies to save his life. That would give anyone serious mental issues. I hope for both their sakes that Juvia can somehow be ok.


  3. Chae

    Like I get that people wanted character development, I wanted it too but I don’t think killing of Juvia did more than get this sort of Romeon and Juliet feel in the sense that fighting Invel with his demon slaying magic is turning him dark and therefore killing the Gray we know. To be honest Mashima has been playing around with death a lot in the past few chapters and I would of preferred if rather than this he has perhaps kept Gajeel dead (although arguable he is) or Mirajane dead because I have yet to what either of them wil do to the plot, though it’s clear that something is happening wherever Gajeel is.


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