Sealing Kaguya! Kakashi’s Susanoo – Naruto Shippuden 473

Naruto Shippuden 473 see’s Obito lending Kakashi his Mangekyou Sharingan to enable his Susanoo and in terms helping with the defeat and sealing of Kaguya. Team 7 all work together in order to counter all of Kaguya’s moves to trap and seal her as both Sasuke and Naruto are quickly able to touch her shoulders.

Naruto Shippuden 473 continues as Kaguya’s arm and Zetsu are trapped by Naruto. We notice that Kakashi is remembering the moment where he was saved by Obito and the rock that crushed him. He was left there by Obito in order to live on. We see Rin and Obito as Obito still has some stuff to do, thus he appears in the form of chakra and appears in Kakashi’s head.

Obito tells him that he will now give him a present for becoming the sixth Hokage, a present for the future. He gives Kakashi both of his eyes in order to help the others. It’s for a fixed time only as Kakashi’s name is Kakashi of the Sharingan. Naruto uses all the tailed beasts in him to create Rasen Shuriken which are all aimed at Kaguya,it hits here but doesn’t do lasting damage.

Out of nowhere, the tailed beasts inside Kaguya appear as a large rabbit like create seems to appear, it seems the attack has made the power inside Kaguya unstable as hands come out from it. Sakura gets targeted but Susanoo appears, Kakashi’s Susanoo, and rescues Sakura. Everyone is shocked as they didn’t expect this to happen. Kakashi then uses Shuriken Kamui in order to prevent the arms getting close.

The creature’s inside appears dark as it begins to suck the chakra from their current world, it creates a large expansive Kekkei Moura Truthseeker Orb which keeps on getting larger and larger, and Kaguya controls it. It seems like she’s gotten even stronger. Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all make a plan as Team 7.

Kaguya is ready to attack, thus Naruto clones get closer to protect them. Kakashi is attacked by the bones but Kakashi quickly uses Obito’s power to pass through it to do so and get close to Kaguya, he uses a black version of Chidori to attack and pierce through Kaguya. Her right arm cannot function. Both Naruto and Sasuke appear from each side.

Naruto is attacked by the bone, Zetsu also gets ready. Naruto is attacked by the bone, but it was a clone. It seems that real Sasuke is behind the Naruto clones. Zetsu tries to attack from the bottom, but Kakashi uses his Kamui in order to delete the portal. Sasuke replaces the bad clone with himself. Kaguya tries to move up, but Sakura appears an smacks her. Sasuke and Naruto are in position to get her, they touch her and Naruto Shippuden 473 ends here.

A fantastic episode, seems like Obito’s power definitely helped them, plus it seems like Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura all worked together to defeat her, which is awesome. It seem’s that she’s got no chance as Naruto Shippuden 474, titled “Congratulations” will see Naruto and Sasuke meeting Hagoromo and being congratulated for defeating and sealing Kaguya.

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  1. Lelethu

    This episode was really epic to me. I deliberately skipped this part of the Manga(I saw many leaks though) and jumped to chapter 700 when it was accessible. Now I’m really hyped about the next episode😊*butterflies in my tummy kind of feeling*


      1. Lelethu

        The most important part I can’t wait for is the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. I’m hoping for good quality animation for it


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