Aizen’s Free! Ichigo’s Zanpakuto Shatters – Bleach 682

Bleach 682 see’s Aizen’s freedom as Yhwach uses his abilities to destroy the chair Aizen sits on, he’s finally free to move and use his powers. Ichigo and Renji both walk along to Soul Society where they encounter Yhwach, they attack but Yhwach quickly shatters Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu a second time which leaves him crippled a second time.

Bleach 682 begins as Yhwach walks through into Soul Society where he encounters Aizen sitting on a chair. Seems like Yhwach didn’t know that they would cross paths in Soul Society. Aizen introduces Yhwach to “his” Soul Society. Elsewhere, we see Uryu run towards Ichigo but encounters Ryuken and Isshin.

They are both there to deliver an arrow head, it’s made a silver. when “Aushwahlen” is used upon a Quincy, a silver blood clot is created in their heart and they die. He basically collected that silver and forged the silver arrowhead from it. Uryu realises that whenever Uryu was operating on dead corpses, it was for his purpose.

Seems like this arrow head is purposely made to be shot by Uryu and only him. Ichigo and Renji both travel through the portal towards Soul Society, Ichigo falls down as he’s running low on power, Renji gets him up and drags him with him with all his got. Ichigo mentions that both Renji and Rukia are also injured, it would have been better staying behind with Orihime.

Renji bashes Renji’s head onto Ichigo, and punches him. Renji then mentions that he shall tell him something. Renji mentions that ever since they were small, they were close together, but now they had become further apart, they even avoided each other. But when they met Ichigo, he allowed them to close that gap.

Therefore, if Renji had to, he would even carry Ichigo to the fight if he had to. From here on out, Renji will have Ichigo’s back no matter what, until his last breath. He’s now made himself clear, and from now onwards, he doesn’t want to get sappy and sentimental ever again. Yhwach unleashes his powers which allows him to destroy Aizen’s chair.

Aizen mentions that he was sure that Yhwach was fighting in fierce combat, from what he could gather, Ichigo gave him quite the battle. Yhwach denies there being anything, as Aizen was the one to get defeat by Ichigo himself. Aizen thanks Yhwach got getting rid of his prison chair, and thus thanks him by mentioning that with that he shall now stop him.

Yhwach asks if he will stand in his way for the sake of Soul Society. Aizen tells him that it has nothing to do with his own interest, his only agenda is to eviscerate any who might try to rule over and control him. Ichigo and Renji appear behind him, they try to strike but Yhwach quickly attacks them back.

Yhwach mentions that Ichigo and Renji seems to have arrived rather quickly, he had already seen that the two of them would come, and that his Zanpakuto would be whole again, only to have it shatter once again. Ichigo’s Zanpakuto once again breaks and snaps as he holds it. He plans to completely destroy it, but it seems that Ichigo seems to have rather good fortune. Seems like Yhwach will begin his attack onto Ichigo, Renji and Aizen! Bleach 682 ends here.

A fantastic chapter if you ask me, seems like Aizen finally has his chance to impress (me) with his potentially new abilities and powers, as well as his crazy tricks and the way he has with words. Can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 683, which I’m sure will be quite the chapter!

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  1. Ultimate Coordinator

    Amazing set up for the finale of BLEACH. Just wish Ichigo & Renji didnt ruin this chapter at the end. Have to wait a week now to see Aizen VS Yhwach start 😱.

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    1. Sunite

      Their arrival I thought was okay, Ichigo and Renjis talk kind of setup that Renji and Rukia have had something, they ignored each other and now that they spend more and more time together, they seem like the upcoming couple for me. Aizen is out and about, I kind wait for him to get more air time, I’ve been missing the way he talks, his attitude etc, he’s the best character in my opinion.

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      1. Ultimate Coordinator

        Lol Renji & Rukia, then Ichigo & Inoue. I’ve never been more excited for a BLEACH chapter than this next one. Hopefully Yhwach or Aizen quickly beat Ichigo & Renji just so they’re down for a while, and then the next few chapters focus on Aizen & Yhwach.


  2. thetaicho

    ‘MY’ soul society.
    That was enough for me.
    But this broken bankai nonsense should be relegated. I want to see Yhwach vs. Aizen.
    (pops popcorn).


  3. nickdunnaquatic

    I’m really glad Renji thanked Ichigo for bringing him and Rukia closer. They did ignore 9ne another for 40 years until Ichigo got Shinigami powers. I always did ship Rukia and Renji, now I believe they are really are a couple now. Yhwach vs Aizen is gonna be epic! I can’t wait to see what Aizen can do and how Yhwach can counter him. I find it interesting that Ryuken created a Heilig Pfeil that contains a blood clot. Thus blood flow forms whenever a Quincy is hit with Auswählen and they die from it. I just wish Kubo wasn’t so inconsistent with how Auswählen effects one another. Bazz-B and NaNaNa were hit by Auswählen but survived? Masaki wasn’t even hurt when she was hit, but maybe she got the blood clot in her heart as well? I just wish Bazz-B and NaNaNa dodged it like Liltotto and Giselle did so that we can have a good explanation to how they survived, as dodgeing Auswählen only takes away Vollständig.


    1. nickdunnaquatic

      I don’t believe he did. Mayuri has the remote that controls Aizen’s binds. But sense he is currently incapacitated, he doesn’t have control over it. So Aizen was able to destroy the binds without being restricted.


  4. Dashing Saiyan

    Wasn’t renji’s zanpakuto broken….how did it get fixed. …..also when we will see ryuken’s bankai…..or more importantly Aizen’s bankai (i’m sure it exists)


  5. trinin ninja

    I think this chapter was ok but not all that good. I liked seeing Aizen finally out of that cursed chair. What I didn’t like was seeing Ichigo get his bankai broken again. I already suspected something was up with Rukia and Renji so this revelation was not that impressive to me. And Aizen being freed means only one thing in my opinion: his own death. However nonetheless I will enjoy his upcoming battle against Yhwach and his reunion speech with Ichigo.


  6. Christopher Waters

    Yhwach is acting and talking to Aizen much more respectful then he was with Ichigo. When Ichigo said he was going to beat Yhwach Yhwach simply laughed at him and every other character Yhwach has talked down to but not with Aizen. Ppl keep saying Aizen will die but Aizen can’t be killed so I doubt Yhwach could simply kill him maybe absorb him like he did with the soul king and his right arm. Aizen is the only character whos power has had any effect on Yhwach even if it was small the fact remains Aizen was able to fuck with Yhwach. Ryuken is a quincy so does not have a Bankai and I don’t think he has a Vollständig only Quincys that have been given power by Yhwach has one so its very unlikely he has one. I do think Aizen is a much better match up for Yhwach then Ichigo is. I’d like to know why Yhwach went back to soul society did he go back with the intention of fighting Aizen? Or is there something else there that he wants that he did not get before he went to the soul palace? Oh and note that i did not say Aizen will win I ust think its a much better match up.


  7. Dashing Saiyan

    I’m sorry for the mess earlier I wanted to say whether we will ever get to see Ishhin’s bankai or not. …..whatever pretty excited 4 Aizen vs yhwach


  8. Christopher Wright

    Aizen vs Yhwach would have been the way better match up, Aizen has always been calm and collecting(until he final battle with Ichigo) not to mention his powers of illusion are unmatched, now obviously Yhwach has the power to forsee the future and change/alter while Aizen is practically Immortal, this fight would ultimately go to Yhwach there’s no way in hell Tite Kibo would have Aizen defeat Yhwach as much as we want but if they do fight I’m at least asking for Aizen to be epic.


  9. PAddyZ

    so can we still see everybody’s bankai like ex shinji,etc,but I hope I will see Aizen’s bankai coz I feel his shikai already awsome


  10. Halil Avcılar

    “there’s no way in hell Tite Kibo would have Aizen defeat Yhwach as much as we want but if they do fight I’m at least asking for Aizen to be epic.” i agree on this; i am fan of Aizen since years for some reasons 🙂
    For this chapter: it would be a real shame for Aizen to fight Ywach who destroyed the chair which Aizen couldnt; so i believe Aizen destroyed the chair on his own not by Ywach’s help; but lets see.
    Ywach told that even ppl change their future by decisions he can see all the future that will become real even they are like tiny sand particles in sand…but what if there are false sand particles flows through real ones, yes i mean the power of illusions, distractions, decoys which Aizen-“Sama” is good at…but lets see.
    it seems uryu will make the final move with that arrow head or he will be in the final kill move, but i really want Aizen to live after this battle, even he will live; i know he will be no more because Bleach will end.
    i like the fact that Kubo make good plans, that years ago Uryus father deal with corpses and we see why it is after these years, i like smartness and cunning a bit xD


  11. nickdunnaquatic

    I don’t believe Yhwach or Aizen will live after Bleach ends. They are both far too evil and dangerous to be left alive. Aizen will be killed by Yhwach, while Yhwach will be killed by Ichigo, Uryu, and maybe Orihime.


  12. gllz

    is it just me or Ywach was unable to SHATTER ichigos zanpaktou? coz I think he just managed to crack it that’s why he called him a lucky bastard… anyway we will just wait and see


  13. Matthew

    I can’t wait to see Aizen fight again. Things are looking grim for Ichigo and his broken Bankai. I did like the chat with Renji when he was talking about Rukia and himself.


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