Fairy Tail 490 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 490 spoilers have dropped and many fans are getting excited for what awaits. We see many different things after Eileen did her things against Acnologia. So in terms of spoilers, if you don’t wait to know, stop reading, otherwise go ahead and read all about all the good stuff.

Fairy Tail 490 begins as Fiore is covered in light from Eileen’s abilities. The chapter begins with Mavis and Zera, they are together as Mavis tells her not to leave her alone. Zera asks Mavis if she knows where the fairies are, Mavis quickly responds that they originate from her heart. Thus Zera tells her that she shall never be alone, and that this isn’t farewell.

Mavis wakes up in the guild, she is able to control her body even more, she see’s that there is no one there with her, but when she climbs up to the ground floor of Fairy Tail, she notices that Zeref is sitting in one of the chairs. Mavis suspects that Zeref is the cause of the light as well as the members of Fairy Tail vanishing.

Seem’s like the light transported everyone to different places. Natsu, Lucy as well as Happy are sent to the forest where they noticed two buildings close by which belonged in completely different places. Wendy and Charles got separated from Juvia, Gray and Erza, who is currently unconscious.

Lisanna and Mirajane are at the guild where they meet again. Alvarez soldiers are spotted nearby, thus Makarov orders all guild members to ready themselves for battle. Brandish seems to also be fine as she adjusted August’s wound to be much smaller. Eileen is currently in the cattle of Fiore, where she sit on the throne, finding all of this amusing.

Zeref and August explain the magic used by Eileen, where it allowed her to compress the island and land of Fiore as well as to all her to reshape the land and people she wanted from the ground up. It changed the land of Fiore to her liking, where the land is now 1/20 it’s original size, it’s a way for Eileen to push everyone together and ending the war quickly.

Further to this, Eileen also transported Zeref much closer to Mavis, so they can deal with the war, as well as to transport Acnologia to a much further destination so he cannot meddle with this. It increases the chances of a Alvarez soldiers will have with a Fairy Tail guild member, so they’ll fight much more often. The last scene see’s Gajeel in another dimension, taken by the demon, where she meets Zera, Mavis’ old friend. Fairy Tail 490 ends here.

Seem’s like we’ll be getting a pretty awesome chapter, there doesn’t seem to be any images or anything posted online, so currently there isn’t much to go on. Nevertheless, this spoiler was posted by YonkouProductions on their tumblr. So what do you think? Go ahead and tell me using the comment section below.

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