Indra’s Sharingan! Signs and Jutsu – Naruto Shippuden 465

Naruto Shippuden 465 see’s Zetsu’s plan come into fruition as it seems like Indra is being manipulated in order to activate his Sharingan and get strong to potentially fight Hagoromo. On top of which, we see that Signs and Jutsu’s come to life as chakra and ninshu seems to be being used to fight others. Ashura is unable to do anything as he is quit weak at the moment.

Naruto Shippuden 465 begins as both Ashura and Indra are reading all of Hagoromo’s books and work. Indra is able to read them, but Ashura just gets tired and goes to sleep. Both of them play, fish and so on. One time, Ashura tries to get a fish, he jumps into the pond which was quite reckless. Later on, we see that Indra has been able to use signs and jutsu in order to manifest powers just like Kaguya.

He’s been able to invent techniques which even he cannot, many people have been able to use it. Zetsu also notices this. Ashura tries to use it, but he definitely needs more practice. Indra talked to Hagoromo where he tried to think if inventing the signs and chakra was a good thing as it could also be used in a negative way.

Indra notices that Zetsu has been watching him for a while. Indra made clones, Ashura tried but could not. Both of them practice fight but the time ends quickly as Indra goes on to practice more. Ashura goes to meet his friends, where they find some footprints, they try to chase it. All while Indra is training.

We see both Indra and Zetsu talk, he tells him that he shall grow strong as his true powers will be revealed to him. Zetsu has something planned. He sets something up, whereby a boar chases Ashura. he gets knocked away, even their dog is killed as it tried to protect Ashura. Indra shows up and tells him to go, thus he uses a technique similar to Chidori to kill it. Seems like Shiro has died, but Indra’s activated his Sharingan.

Indra notices that Zetsu is close by, he chases after him but cannot see him. Some time later, we see Ashura and Indra training along with others. It seems like Indra is slowly changing. Ashura goes on to listen to some others that Indra is a harsh person, and that they might choose to follow Ashura. Indra goes on to train in the mountains, this is when Ashura tells him to go easy on the others.

Zetsu shows up to meets Indra, to which he talks about how he gave him those eyes, and plants the idea that he is special, and that he will become very strong that he shall even be as strong as Hagoromo, no one will be able to compete with him. Seems like Indra is losing his relationships with others, even with Ashura. Zetsu seems to have planned all this very well, Naruto Shippuden 465 ends here.

A pretty good episode, seems like Ashura and Indra will indeed by on the opposite side of things, which will mean that it’s the basic rule for how others will follow. Nevertheless, we’ll follow both again in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 466, titled “The Tumultuous Journey”, can’t wait.

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