Food Wars! Second Season Trailer Previews Theme Song

The season season of the Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Soma: No no Sara) has been airing. The video features the theme song “Rough Diamonds” by the SCREEN mode. The series will premier in Japan on the 2nd of July on a number of different Japanese television channels.

Food Wars Season TwoThe main cast along with a few new characters will also be included in this new season. As you know, the anime continues on during the food battle Yukihira is having as part of the curry challenge. We continue off here and follow with the manga.

I personally can’t wait for the upcoming second season. I loved the first series, and the second will be even more epic. I’ve fully read the manga to the latest chapter and read it every time a new chapter arrives.

So what are your thoughts on this new ad and the upcoming second season? Go ahead and comment down below telling me and everyone else what you think. Also be sure to share this page with others.

Source: ANN

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  1. Karandi

    Honestly, I have to go and rewatch the first season. I remember how much I enjoyed the show but none of the events really stuck with me so I need to remind myself what happened. I am looking forward to the story continuing though because I just loved the characters and watching the over the top scenes in the kitchen.


  2. ayrgalaxy

    Omg!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting!!!!! My brother got me hooked on this manga! And I couldn’t put it down. I literally finished reading it up to the latest chapter in less than three weeks. And I watched the anime recently too on crunchy roll and I looveddddd it! I even got my husband hooked on it. We’re huge fans. Lol. 🙂


  3. YahariBento

    Like @Takuto mentioned, this summer will be great period for me too. I want to see how inspiring dishes will be in this season 2 since I read manga in advance, I like to see those dishes in anime version as well. So while I’m waiting for ss2 to come, I selected inspiring dishes of “Food Wars!” that might catch people’s eye (in anime and manga)

    – Which dishes that will CATCH your eyes?
    – Or do you have other inspiring dishes in your mind?

    Warning: please don’t proceed this in nighttime, or else you will be hungry.


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