Hiro Mashima Draws Captain America: Civil War Posters

If you follow Hiro Mashima, you’d know that he loves to draw, specifically, he loves to draw anything and everything Fairy Tail. Recently, he’s been hyping up the movie Captain America: Civil War with all the art work he’s been working on, including both Natsu and Gray as Iron man and Captain America. Seem’s like he’s doing a great job if you ask me.

As seen above, we see that there are two versions, one of Captain America vs Iron Man, and another which relates to Natsu vs Gray as both members from the Marvel film. It looks pretty epic, and the fact that Civil War is on my to-watch list, I can’t wait till my work is done so I can go and watch it. Nevertheless, as for all the images here, what do you think? Go ahead and comment on these images below.

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    1. Sunite

      The anime went on a break because he anime and manga got too close, there will be some waiting now to give the manga more time to be written as anime episodes consume like 2 or 3 chapters.

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  1. Desperado

    I wish the one piece anime went on break so it didn’t get paced so slowly. And this Civil War thing with Fairy Tail looks cool. It’s one of the anime that can actually work such a plotline.


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