Historia of Corpses! Past Enemies Appear – Fairy Tail 481

Fairy Tail 481 see’s the true power of Historia by Neinhart as he unleashes a number of great and powerful enemies against their counterpart, especially ones from Fairy Tail. This includes, Ur, Azuma, Ikaruga, Precht, Ezel and many more. While Erza is being hurt one after another, we see Kagura and Jellal hurt as they end up underwater from an attack. Kagura is forced to help the hurt Jellal out of water and give him CPR.

Fairy Tail 481 begins Neinhart mentions that he was good in detecting that they are his Historia. It’s the magic that gazes into people’s heart, their emotions and sentiments which are found in the their hearts can materialise into reality. This is the creation of life, known as Historia. Simon begins to disappear, this is when Kagura steps in, out of nowhere, Jellal appears in front of Kagura.

He noticed that an attack was coming her way, and thus takes the hit. It pierces through the ships top and hull leaving them underwater. Ikaruga appears who begins her fight against Erza. We see Jellal unconscious in the water, Kagura notices this and is somewhat forced to help him.

Erza continuous her fight, another person appears, Azuma appears begin Erza and thus he mentions that she seems weak because of her injuries. He attacks, Erza backs off, however Erza’s leg gets caught up in one of the techniques and gets hurt. Further to this, we see Kyouka along with  Azuma and Ikaruga there.

They all chatter a little, while Neinhart mentions that his Historia should appear to everyone in the battlefield. Ur appears in front of Gray and Lyon. Meredy see’s Zancrow, Juvia see’s Keyes behind her. Along with Ezel approaches Wendy. Further to this, Laxus meets with Precht who mentions that he is the one who has Yuri’s blood in him.

Erza keeps on getting beaten back and forth, unable to do anything as Neinhart gets his way. Along with this fight, we see Kagura remove Jellal from the water, unfortunately we see Jellal not breathing, thus Kagura has to give him mouth-to-mouth in order to revive him. Fairy Tail 481 ends here.

A pretty good chapter if you ask me, seems like it’s getting better and better. Although, with Neinhart releasing all these characters who have previously lost only means one thing. They’ll lose it again. Next week’s Fairy Tail 482, titled “Vigor” seems like it might be a good chapter.

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    1. rise

      the manga is only about 60 chapters ahead of the anime, its not much, and since the avatar/spriggan arc is fast pacing, the anime will catch up
      the anime will probably start towards the end of this year, or beginning to mid next year


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