Cosplay: Sajin Komamura

Sajin Komamura is a beast, literally, he is one of the captains that faced troubles when he first joined, but as he became more and more confident in himself, he removed his own guards revealing his true identify as a wolf who is very strong. Along with his guards down, he is known to be one of the best captains in terms of having a heart of gold who respects, shows loyalty and is grateful to Yamamoto. This fantastic cosplay shows this in action.


This fantastic piece was actually created by Sharpe19, the photographs were taken by KCKitty Photography. If you like their work, go ahead and check them out. Otherwise be sure to share this page with other fans of Sajin and Bleach.

There are 3 comments

  1. nickdunnaquatic

    I’ve always liked Sajin. Ironically, he is one of the most noble and friendly out of the captains. Kubo’s way of killing him off was impressive. He’s not dead, but because his grandfather ate his heart, he is not longer a Shinigami, he’s a wolf. I believe by the end of Bleach, quite a few captain positions will be opened. The divisions I believe will have new captains are the 7th Division, which will have Love again, and the 8th Division, which will have Lisa as their new captain.


    1. Sunite

      Yeah, I’d love to see more about the next generation of the Bleach captains, which I guess won’t happen if Kubo decides to end the series. But it would be awesome to know any new captain-level characters.


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