Fairy Tail 479 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 479 manga seems to have been online for a while now and a rough translation is readily available. If you’d like to know what happens in the chapter, keep reading otherwise be sure to stop reading and everything after this sentence is a Fairy Tail 479 spoiler.

So Fairy Tail 479 seems to cover two main parts, the first is Zeref and his soldiers while the second concentrating on Fairy Tail vs Jacob.

So, with Zeref, we see that he and his soldiers find out that five of their Spriggan 12 have already been defeated. The army are shocked as even Acnologia got involved. Zeref frowns a bit but his army spring into action mentioning that they will always be by his side in getting the Fairy Heart to him. He hears this and smiles. Zeref internally mentions to himself not to hesitate as he’s coming for them, he leads the march.

After Jacob is pushed back and pissed off, he mentions that he shall exterminate them and their guild. He also mentions that he shall kill them, this is when Lucy mentions that Brandish and Marin were also inside there, so to confirm this, Jacob opens his magic to free the two.

In doing so, we see Gemini from Lucy being used to copy the abilities from Marin. This in turn allows Lucy to cancel the technique and thus allows for Jacob’s spacial magic to disappear. Thus All members of Fairy Tail return.

Makarov thanks Lucy, along with the others. Jacob is angry as Mavis is also happy for her. Makarov hits Jacob with his huge hand which somehow finishes Jacob off as it also allows for Natsu to jump into action in mid-air to use his fire abilities to defeat him, in turn it dries up the nearby lake. Seems like Fairy Tail 479 ends here.

A pretty decent chapter, should be good to see them all in action when the better chapter comes out. Nevertheless, what were your thoughts, be sure to comment down below telling me so.

These spoilers were provided by the folks at mangahelpers.

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