Ultear’s Future Magic! Chelia and Wendy vs Dimaria – Fairy Tail 475

Fairy Tail 475 see’s Chelia and Wendy have a hard time against Dimaria as Charle is hurt in the process of helping and pushing out Wendy out of the way. On top of which, Ultear only exists as a figure, which allows them to move. Ultear also mentions Future Magic which uses the power they will have in the future, but means they won’t be able to use any magic after this.

Fairy Tail 475 begins as Ultear shows up, Ultear mentions that time is still frozen after Dimaria asks what she has done. Because she stopped time, she mentions that showed up due to the fact that she does not exist in the natural flow of time. Dimaria gets angry at what she did. Charle mentions that as she’s been able to start and stop time, she could have won the battle already.

Ultear mentions that Dimaria’s magic stops time, but while time is stopped, she was somehow able to exist in that form, she has used her power to allow them to move. Dimaria screams at her mentioning that she isn’t wanted there, a crack appears next to Ultear’s eye as more and more appear in her body, mentioning that she cannot physically fight her.

Ultear just gave them mobility which allows them to move and attack, Wendy and Chelia both attack but it does nothing as Dimaria mentions that she will just show them the true power of the twelve. Her armour breaks as she begins to break the ground under them. They can’t understand this power, when Dimaria changes her form.

She used Take Over, God soul! Dimaria screams as she goes crazy to destroy the surrounding. Know fear, for her name is Chronos and she is the goddess of time. Wendy and others get up as Ultear mentions that she didn’t know she had such a trick up her sleeve. Dimaria mentions that she enshrined in a ancient capital of time, Mildean, and the descendant of it’s people, Dimaria, are both as one in this form.

Charle notices something and thus shoves Wendy, in doing so, we see an attack from Dimaria come and hit her in the body. Charle predicted it, but she wasn’t fast enough. Charle is frozen in time for the time being as we see Ultear release her back. Dimaria mentions that they have all sinned and thus must die.

Ultear mentions that Charle is alive for now, in the other time. All they can do now is fight and heal her when time begins once more. Thy must hurry and defeat Dimaria before Ultear’s body crumbles. We see Chelia and Wendy’s look as their resolve at their age is more then anyone’s. They will fight with their lives on the line.

Seeing this, Ultear proposes that she uses the power of the future, she will cast a spell for them to use the power that they may one day develop, if they choose not to do this, they won’t be defeating her. The spell comes at a price, using the secret art will mean that they will never again be able to use magic. Such is the power of the future, Third Origin. Fairy Tail 475 ends here.

A pretty awesome manga chapter, it seems that Chelia and Wendy no longer have a choice in this matter, all they can do is fight and use this magic. Even next week’s Fairy Tail 476, titled “Bid Farewell to the Mage Girls” hints at their demise. Nevertheless, can’t wait to see what happens.

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    1. rise

      That ultear is just a manifestation of her power in the form of her young self, she is able to appear cuz since ultear power is to obviously to control time, she appeared in the realm of time that dimera stopped ,the real ultear is still old somewhere in the real world

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  1. rise

    If they both accept this third origin power, it’s crazy if the power they’ll one day receive is at the level of a god, seemingly to take on a god itself


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