Mavis Goes Treasure Hunting! – Fairy Tail 268

Fairy Tail 268 see’s a side story whereby the individuals who are heading towards the town get into a little trouble as there is currently no wind. They’re stuck as Mavis goes for a swim when she finds herself finding a shrine of sort which turns out to be a trap.

Fairy Tail 268, as this episode was not directly represent a chapter from the Fairy Tail Zero manga, I won’t be narrating it, however I’d like to share a few thoughts I had about the episode itself.

To be honest, I think that the episode itself was a little weird, we didn’t see a lot of Zera, but there is a reason to this which will be revealed in the near future. On top of which, Mavis loves to explore, and she did good in this episode when she found the building underwater.

But she could have talked to Yuri and the others who could have done something. to aid her endeavour. Nevertheless, the episode itself was a decent one. Next week’s Fairy Tail 269, titled “Dancing with a Sword”, will indeed follow the chapters drawn by Hiro Mashima.

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  1. Rocco B

    I’m pretty much a later bloomer to the FT series. Watching 2014, which turns out to be the conclusion of the grand magic games (series 7 according to wiki episode list). Now that I’ve progressed on to the Zodiac rebellion arc, which is meh. I’m jumped back to the 6th series, to get some context on the 7th series. I know they aren’t completely related to what you’ve posted up xDD.

    I will say this, Erza once took the top spot for best char. Now she got replaced by Ultear. Happy getting booted by Erza to the moon is just gold.


    1. Sunite

      Haha with FT, I guess when I began it, it seemed like a fantastic series. But with these long shows, if you watch too much of it, you’ll begin to not like it as much. And with FT, its starting to get there. I really like the manga because its something new, but the anime, which is usually just a repeat of the anime can get boring. Nevertheless, as a series, FT can be slow at times, bit its a show that will always have my support no matter what.

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